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About Us

What if we could make television an elevating force rather than a debasing one? What if we could create shows that nourish your brain, feed your soul, broaden your world, and make you a better person than you were before you watched? And what if we could bring together everyday people and give them a voice and a real role in creating this extraordinary entertainment? And what if this programming was ad-free, sponsor-free, independent and freely available to anyone, anywhere and anyway they want to watch it?

People-Powered Public Television (PPPTV) was created to harness the power of entertainment to engage diverse audiences and to elevate our common human experience; to help us see each other and the world in new ways. We're non-profit. We're non-commercial. We're people-driven. We believe that enriching programming doesn’t have to be boring and that smart people know what they want to watch. So together,’s supporters find, collaborate and fully fund the production of incredible scripted and lifestyle programs of social, cultural, artistic and educational value, one big idea and one small dollar at a time.

It's intelligent television, brought to the world in revolutionary new way.