TGG Foundation Charitable Trust

  • KL

About Us

TGG Foundation, a self sustaining non-profit Public Charitable Trust, initiated by the The Golden Greens Consulting Group to undertaking various CSR activities related to rural development and Sustainable living practices.

We work to achieve our mission to develop livable, healthy, and sustainable communities in rural areas through the empowerment of local people through our various programs that consist of Co-op farming, Sustainable Living Practice, Youth Entrepreneurship, as well as Women Empowerment.

Activities of this initiative include but are not limited to:

Promoting the Rural development and Sustainable Living Practice.

Women Empowerment through skill development. 

Educating rural population about their rights and responsibilities.

Support the farming communities in getting their entitlements & encourage farmers to open bank accounts to get all benefits directly credited to their account.

Overseeing the success of the farmer’s cattle and crops in order to protect them from natural calamities.

Encouraging farmers to join our co-op farming mission.

Developing and promoting the clean hygiene and sanitation drive.

Run the Social Upliftment Campaign.

Promote effective waste management.