Environic Foundation International

  • Maryland

About Us

EFI develops people’s capacity to address social, economic and environmental challenges in order to create healthy and sustainable societies.

EFI does this through formal education and public awareness programs. The programs emphasize development of community sustainability goals, design of sustainable approaches, and initiatives that put sustainable approaches into practice thus fostering a culture of sustainable stewardship that maximizes human opportunity and environmental well-being for all as an integral part of a region’s identity and culture.

In addition, EFI researches global, regional and local sustainability issues and strategies being used to address them. Based on that research we create and provide educational programs, resources and learning tools for higher education, business and government that increase understanding of the social, economic and environmental challenges and build capacity to create solutions.

Our programs have been used in graduate, undergraduate, professional and continuing education in the United States and Africa for individuals in fields ranging from business, health care, government, community development and art to natural and life sciences, environmental studies, agriculture and engineering. 

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