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About Us

Covalence EthicalQuote is an ethical reputation index tracking the world's largest companies. We provide media analytics and extra-financial ratings to corporates, investors, and non profits. Covalence is a limited company based in Geneva (Switzerland).

Covalence offers in-house and distant ethical information analyst internships position to students and young graduates with economic or social sciences backgrounds.

The EthicalQuote scoring system has brought the following recognitions and awards to Covalence:

The EthicalQuote scoring system is a reputation index based on quantifying qualitative data, which is classified according to 45 criteria such as labour standards, waste management, product social utility or human rights policy. It is a barometer of how multinationals are perceived in the ethical field.

Inspired by stock quotes, EthicalQuote integrates thousands of positive and negative news items found among media, companies, blogs, NGOs and other online sources. The documents are coded, quantified and synthesized into curves and volumes.

Covalence is a limited company based in Geneva, Switzerland, founded in 2001.


The mission of Covalence is to increase the density of information about business ethics and to bring this information to finance professionals.


Using the EthicalQuote scoring system, Covalence offers services to corporates, investors, and non profit organisations.

Services: Ranking | Research | Ethical Snapshots | Fund & Portfolio Rating | Data feed

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The activity of Covalence has the following impact:

  • Increased transparency: the EthicalQuote reputation score used by Covalence for ranking companies is based on public information. We encourage companies to demonstrate their responsibility.
  • Greater awareness: Covalence EthicalQuote Ranking reaches various people and organisations.
  • Information: 25000+ visitors per month consult this website.
  • Financial innovation: Covalence distributes ethical research to finance professionals on major financial information platforms.
  • Students training: Training of 500+ ethical information analysts: university students and graduates (interns)
  • Academic research: Providing 50+ academic researchers with data and results


Covalence maintains a strong presence in the media globally: > Covalence in the News

In 2010 Covalence EthicalQuote system includes > 150′000 information items from more than 10′000 sources, covering a universe of 581 companies within 18 sectors. This material has been collected and interpreted by 500 intern analysts coming from more than 30 countries in partnership with 40 universities.

The creation of Covalence in 2001 in Geneva has been supported by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and NGOs ADAP (Association pour le Développement des Aires Protégées), AGSI (Association Geste Solidaire Immédiat), and GRAD (Groupe de Réalisation et d’Animation pour le développement).

Covalence IT partner is DataDoxa.