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About Us

Social Action for Community Development Society is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization serving the Yoshinkhel, Nepal and surrounding communities. The organization’s main interest is to work with marginalized and underprivileged women, youth and children in the community to enable them to develop new skills and to improve their lives and the lives of their families. The organization was registered (Registration No. 683/063/064) at the District Administration Office, Kathmandu on May 16, 2006.

To reduce the vulnerable situation of the community Yoshinkhel, the Social Action for Community Development Society (SACDS) has decided to implement a community based and ownership program in the community.

i. Mission of the SACDS

SACDS is committed to improving the living standards and reducing the vulnerability of children, youth and women in the backward communities of Nepal, by providing educational and livelihood opportunities that lead to leadership development, empowerment, capacity building, and a fair and equitable society

ii. Goals and Objectives of SACDS

1. To build the capacity of those communities that live in a constant situation where their socioeconomic security and dignity are threatened.

2. To reduce the vulnerability of community members through the improvement of education and health status

3. To establish an alliance for the welfare and preservation of women’s and children’s human rights

4. To improve women’s social and economic development

5. To eradicate poverty from the community by providing women with skills training for income generation

6. To increase the literacy rate in the community by providing education for both children and adults

7. To increase the standard of living of Dalit (lower caste) communities by providing them with equal opportunities, education and income generation programs

8. To increase the social and economic development of the community by planning and implementing a variety of appropriate programs

9. To acquire program funding through corporate, grants and government financial support

SACDS offers three key services to the children, youth and women of Yoshinkhel and neighboring communities.

1. Skills Training for Income Generation Description: Due to a lack of education, social awareness, and necessary skills, the women of the community are unable to generate enough money for their daily requirements or enough for their children’s education. The standard of living is much lower in Yoshinkhel than in other neighboring communities. Most of the available work involves labour, which the women are not physically capable of doing. Through skills training, the women devise various income-generating schemes that they can do from home, in order to support themselves and their families.

Target group: 30 women of Yoshinkhel

Goals and Objectives:

1. To train 30 women in skills that will generate income for their families 2. To increase the earning and expenditure capacity of the women 3. To assist women in developing, implementing and sustaining income generation schemes

Project Activities: 1. Provide appropriate vocational and skills training to the women of the community including tailoring, knitting, jam making, etc 2. Provide literacy and English training for general empowerment of the women taking part in the skills training 3. Provide subsidy money for the initial investment 4. Create a revolving fund from the income of the women’s activities

2. Child Day Care Service/Early Childhood Development Program Description: Children are the future of any society but they need proper education and guidance during their developmental years. During these first years, the skills that are necessary for healthy growth and development are acquired, thereby setting the stage for later successes in school and in life. These skills are learned in the context of relationships with family members and other important caregivers. Children need nurturing, responsive and loving care to inspire their initiative, curiosity and hunger to learn. They also need help from their parents and well-trained professionals when they are struggling.

This project will see the establishment of a daycare centre for the children of Yoshinkhel. This will provide not only care for children that would otherwise be left unattended, but will also provide an environment conducive to healthy development during these formative years.

Target group: 30 children under 5 years, from Yoshinkhel and neighboring communities

Goals and Objectives: 1. To ensure all the children of Yoshinkhel are provided with safe and quality child care 2. To prepare children for Primary School 3. To provide a healthy meal and/or snack for all children in the childcare centre

Project Activities: 1. Parents drop off their children before work and pick them up again after work. This enables their parents (especially mothers) to engage in economic activities that are currently hampered due to anxiety associated with leaving their children inadequately attended to. It will also empower women to earn more money to spend on educating their children. 2. Trained personnel provide quality childcare for all children of Yoshinkhel and neighboring communities. 3. Trained teachers provide effective and appropriate education to the children. Provide healthy food to the child during the daytime.

3. Innovative Education Program Description: Many students dropout of school because of financial constraints on the parents, even though they want to continue their education. Facilities and opportunities for learning are just not available in the community. The Out-Reach Education Service provides the children with the opportunity to enhance their learning and prevent further dropouts.

The project utilizes an educational tutoring model whereby youth in secondary school engage in a one-on-one mentoring relationship with primary school children. College and high school students are trained as role models and academic tutors to the younger students. These ‘Didi’ (elder sister) and ‘Dai’ (elder brother) read stories, do homework, and engage in other academic activities with their ‘Bahini (younger sister) and ‘Bhai’ (younger brother). All participants in this program are empowered. The Didi and Dai realize the value of education through their roles as mentors, and hopefully become leaders in the community and advocates for education. Bhai and Bahini receive academic support and encouragement and, in turn, also learn the value of education.

Target groups: Children between 5 and 15 years; High School and college students between 15-20 years

Goals and Objectives 1. To increase awareness of the importance of education amongst youth 2. To increase self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem amongst Didi, Dai, Bahini and Bhai 3. To increase the number of children that achieve higher positions in society 4. To increase the number of students aged 5-15 years who continue in school 5. To improve the educational results of students 6. To decrease the dropout rate amongst students 7. To foster a belief that all people have an equal right and place in society

Project Activities: 1. Identify potential Didi and Dai 2. Have children meet three times per week for two hours to study, play, read, dance, sing, etc. 3. Teach English to the students and tutors 4. Encourage youth that have dropped out of school, to rejoin 5. Provide students with books and school supplies 6. Tie-up with Lower and Secondary School for adopt the curriculum and examination. 7. Certification to successor students by recognizes lower and secondary school

Social Action for Community Development Society is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization serving the Yoshinkhel, Nepal and surrounding communities. The organization’s main interest is to work with…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Women


  • P.O.Box 3061, Kathmandu, None, Nepal

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