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About Us

BERDSCO was establish in 1990 by Mr. Forzi as first NGO in Southwest Province of Cameroon. It has helped thousands of people through its existence. It was admitted as an NGO on Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations” for its results. The general objective is to reduce poverty in Cameroon through integrated approach. Specific objectives are: 1. improve the living conditions of the rural poorest of the poor through integrated approach 2. to carry out programmes on environmental protection and education 3. to create the awareness of woman situation and to help integrated them in development of their communities 4. to educate the public on issues of health and drug abuse. To reach our objectives we use microfinance projects which are therefore focus on: income generating activities, education and training activities, agricultural development, environmental protection, market development and management, health prevention and drug abuse. The target beneficiaries are communities in the South West and North West provinces of Cameroon, women, men and youth below poverty line, the family as whole villages. BERDSCO is the first replicate of Grameen Bank Credit approach in Cameroon.