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NGO The Comrads

The Comrads NGO was established in 2004 in Belgium as a not-for-profit organisation and has steadily grown after several successful fundraising events.

Over US$100,000 has already been raised for UNAIDS collaborating centers such as the Harvard AIDS Institute among others.

More recently, they witnessed a transition from supporting large aid donors and institutions to the establishment of a small collaborative network of partner NGOs, following a networking and assessment mission to South Africa in autumn, 2008

In 2009, a new organizational structure was established with the goal of increasing their impact on the field. While continously organizing fundraisers, they hope to solidify their presence locally.

This summer, they have sent their first Comrads Fellow to MATA - a voluntary provincial non-profitable organisation in South Africa that provides home based care and social assistance to TB and HIV patients and their families.

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