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About Us

Covered under the umbrella of Speak the Truth Ministry, Young Adults Talk (Y.A.T.) is a non-profit Youth Ministry designed for our youth as an opportunity to talk on issues that affect their lives. Today’s youth are at a point where they feel their voices are not heard, and not important and that is a problem. Here at Y.A.T, we are spirit filled to motivate, educate, and inspire our youth to reach for the greatness in them.

YAT was started over 13 years ago by Roderick H. Williams, Gulf Coast radio personality, community activist, and motivational speaker. Mr. Williams saw the need for youth to have an outlet, and started Young Adults Tallk.

The mission of Young Adults Talk is to provide a positive alternative for youth to stand up and be heard and accounted for. This is done by involving the youth in a positive, interactive activies such as forum, block parties, special events, and various media platforms.