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Childcare Organization Malawi

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Joined in June 2003

About Us

MISSION STATEMENT The purpose of the Childcare organization is to meet the needs of the poor with emphasis on the children through social, medical and spiritual ministry based upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ. CORE VALUES As a Christian childcare community we value and sacred; (A) First call for children- the child as our first priority (B) God's involvement-His love,wisdom,guidance and power in everything (C) Trust, openness and accountability (D) long term change-building dignity and responsibility to escape dependence (E) Participation-of children in giving opinions, suggestions at all level.

OUR OBJECTIVES 1. Improve spiritual development of OVC and their guardians, pastors/local leaders. 2. Reduce stigma and discrimination of OVC and PLWHA and women 3. Strengthen the capacity of communities, families and OVC to provide psychosocial support to OVC and their caregivers. 4. Protect OVC from abuse, exploitation and property dissipossession. 5. Enhance OVC access to quality education.6 6. Enhance OVC access to essential health nutritional services. 7. Improve household food security and nutrition of children and families affected by HIV/AIDS. 8. Establish and strengthen community caring mechanism for caring children without parent/guardian through distance child sponsorship programme. 9. Support OVC with social welfare assistance through pillar 111 of the poverty Reduction Strategy paper.

BANK DETAILS NUMBER: 0060453362011 NAME; Namikhate children welfare programme BANK: Zomba New Building Society Bank

IMPLEMENTATION The childcare organization has been established in respect of global goals and commitments in line with international and national human rights instruments, policies, and other guiding principles. These are:

1. The millennium development goals which all share a direct impact on the live of children. 2. The UNGASS goals further to the UNITED nations Declaration of commitment on HIV/AIDS. 3. UN convention on the rights of the child promoting inalieble rights for children that are indivisible and interdependent.



LEGAL STATUS; Registered in the city of Lilongwe Malawi 17 march 2003, Registration Number in Malawi 1447. Tax deductable.

Development through our Christian child advocacy ministry All of Childcare organization Malawi's programs are rooted in Christian child development and child advocacy. It's truly a long-term process, beginning in some cases with prenatal care and going all the way through leadership development for qualified young adults.

Child Survival Program The best medicine, it's been said, is prevention. That's why Childcare organization sometimes starts care before a child is born: our prenatal program helps mothers give their babies a better chance to be healthy. And once a child comes into the world, we're there with our Child Survival Program to get critical

Care before and after birth Since infant mortality is extremely high in some parts of the world, the first priority in promoting effective child development is to ensure that children survive the early years when they are most vulnerable to disease and malnutrition. That means educating the mother or primary caregiver, before and after her child is born, about providing critical care during the earliest years. They are provided education in these areas: Growth Monitoring — steady growth is a good sign of adequate nutrition Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) — restores fluids lost to diarrhea Breast-feeding — promotes infant growth, facilitates bonding with the mother, and reduces incidence of illness Immunization — an effective way to reduce or eliminate many diseases that cause childhood death and disability Female Literacy — the mother's level of education is directly tied to child survival Food — food or supplements fight off malnourishment Family Planning — greater spacing between births allows the mother's body to be better prepared for the rigors of pregnancy and to provide greater attention to each child's needs What's more, recent research in child development is clear: The first five years are a crucial period in the development of a child and this development directly affects the quality of adult life. Brain development is almost wholly completed by age 2 and malnutrition rates peak at around 24 months of age. This implies the need for early interventions concerning: Health/nutrition Fine/gross motor development Cognitive stimulation Socialization programs Exposure to Christian teaching and the gospel This research suggests that it is crucial for Childcare to affect the lives of younger children during this crucial two-year window of development. Our Child Survival Program works — and pays big dividends as a child grows older.

MISSION STATEMENT The purpose of the Childcare organization is to meet the needs of the poor with emphasis on the children through social, medical and spiritual ministry based upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ. CORE VALUES As a Christian…

Areas of Focus Include

  • Health & Medicine


  • P/Bag 61, Zomba
    chiphoola,Elliot Village
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