Tender Education and Arts

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213 Haverstock Hill
United Kingdom

About Us

Tender promotes healthy relationships based on equality and respect. We invite all men, women and especially young people to actively prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Tender aims to enable young people under the age of 25 to develop positive attitudes towards relationships in order to challenge anti-social behaviour and prevent intimate violence. Related to this we intend to equip adults with the skills and resources they need to promote healthy relationships amongst young people.

Tender works to stop violence in relationships before it happens, and brings expertise in the use of drama and the creative arts to address issues of domestic and sexual abuse. Our projects strive to change attitudes before violence occurs.

We work in secondary schools, youth centres and refuges, and with London borough councils, young people and university students across the country to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Tender aims to engage, to challenge, to entertain and to provoke a fundamental reassessment of our tolerance to abuse.