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About Us is dedicated to people working creatively in and around Los Angeles. The ongoing, collaborative project aims to document LA’s artistic diversity by producing a range of informative online films alongside an archive of ArtCards that bring voice to the city’s varied and eclectic creative framework.

ArtCard is a community-based art project that was initiated in October 2009 with the intent to showcase Los Angeles’s artistic diversity and talent. ArtCards are blank pre-addressed postcards that have been distributed across the city (in coffee shops, art galleries, community centers, schools, etc.) by our team of dedicated volunteers.

Angelinos are encouraged to use each ArtCard as a 4” x 6” canvas on which to create and mail in their own works of art – the resulting collection of sketches, doodles, collages, prints, and words help to document the city’s varied and ecelectic creative framework.

To honor freedom of expression and equality in the arts, there are no guidelines and every ArtCard received is published and exhibited. Submissions are digitally archived online by artist name, L.A. neighborhood and Zip.

In conjunction with ArtCards, is an online film series that introduces the creative lives of a series of passionate and dedicated L.A. based artists. These films aim to represent a broad range of artistic discipline, scenes, and characters working within the City of L.A.

The project, as a whole, is looking to lay bare Los Angeles’ artistic diversity, processes, influences and draw attention to everyday artistic talents. is a volunteer run organization.