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About Us

Kana Academy is now the first and the only preschool in rural Motta,Ethiopia to put up a very good cement block building consisting of 8 classrooms with Glass window ,excellent proper tables,chairs and toilet facilities with it 's own playground that is equipped with slides, swings and other play equipment, serving more than 240 children’s.

Current Projects

We are constantly trying to improve the quality of our materials and facilities to better serve our students. hence kana academy is always interested in partnering opportunities that support our vision of improving kana school facilities from around the world such like a permanent water supply, additional class rooms, a library building besides Deserve to assist us in order to provide scholarship grant for:

- children with disabilities, - children lost one or both parents because of poverty and illness, - children from very low income generating families - children from Unemployed parents

All support for kana academy contributes to an affordable and sustainable academic Institution . If you wish to support or to give ideas on how we can help our school Please visit the school or contact Mistru by: Direct Phone: +251 911 55 68 29 / +251 918 76 03 77

E-mail : kanaacademy@ethionet.et Website: http://www.kanaacademy.com