NY Pet-I-Care

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301 East 22nd Street
# 16H
New York
United States

About Us

We are a non-profit animal rescue/adoption, no-kill shelter in NYC. We rescue dogs and cats from death row at the city's kill shelters. Over the years, we have rescued and found homes for thousands of animals. We medically and behaviorally restore our animals and find them forever homes. We have outgrown our current space on NY's Lower East Side. We are working to have a state-of-the art shelter/hospital/blood bank for animals. We offer ongoing support to adoptive families as needed. We offer low cost veterinary care to the community. Our return rate for adopted animals is less than 1%. We want to do more outreach and teach animal care, preventing animal abuse and helping seniors to adopt animals, knowing they will have ongoing support for their care. If the animal outlives its senior owner, we will take the animal back and find it another wonderful home.