Pacific Asian Empowerment Program

  • Washington


270 South Hanford Street
Suite 204
United States

About Us

Our Mission

is to help improve the health and quality of life of Pacific Asian residents of King County through empowered Community Groups of Filipinos, Laotians, Miens, Hmongs, Polynesians and other Pacific Asians of King County. Our Objectives is to fight hunger, isolation, food insecurity and malnutrition.

PAEP and its Senior Nutrition Congregate Meal Program addresses many important issues such as diminishing and alleviating hunger, isolation, loneliness, depression, malnutrition, obesity, inactivity, and sedentary lifestyles. When the seniors come to the meal sites they socialize, exercise, listen to music, sing, dance, eat a healthy and tasty meal using ingredients similar to the foods they were used to eat back home. The seniors receive good, helpful information, peer counselling, information and referral, food bank donated items. They sometimes play bingo, watch the news and discuss issues and current events with others. We are helping families and seniors in the Seattle, King County area to live healthier, happier and more independent lives, thus contributing to an improved community with a healthier and more productive population.

Services PAEP offers

  • Congregate Meals (free meals to seniors 60 older and above)
  • Food Bank (it is OPEN TO ANYONE who needs)
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Other Health-related Program
  • A Registered Dietician helps our Partner Organizations in serving healthy ethnic-friendly meals to Ethnic Seniors and others.
  • Working with Food Lifeline provides us the opportunity to distribute food to Partner Organization food banks once a week. We are on track to distribute at least 250,000 pounds of food this year valued at $700,000.
  • Working with ACRS, our Staff helps to provide Clients a pathway to citizenship.
  • International Community Health Services, whom PAEP works with, is active in health education workshops, such as on diabetes, and holding periodic health fairs.
  • PAEP has worked with the National Asian Pacific Center on Aging (NAPCA) as a partner working for senior employment.