Posterity Advocacy Group Of Ghana


C.K. Road, Ho
Ho- Volta Region

P.O.Box HP.

About Us

ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND (A) Description: PAGOG is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which is mainly concerned with humanitarian or societal issues aimed at ensuring the fundamental human rights of people, especially the less privileged in society. Its activities could be nationwide, but to have a manageable span of operation, it shall be centered in the Volta Region of Ghana. (B) Legal Status: PAGOG is duly registered with the Registrar General Department and under the Companies Code, 1963, (Act 179) with Registration Number G-25,966.

MISSION STATEMENT, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES AREAS OF OPERARTION (A) Mission Statement PAGOG seeks to embark on broad-base multifaceted humanitarian activities that will aim at ensuring a future for the younger generations. In the midst of increasing economic hardship, poverty, food inadequacy or hunger, moral degeneration, inability of governments to support units, political degeneration, parochial and compromising stands of human right and civil society organizations, deteriorating health care delivery, high cost of health services, and high prevalence rate of AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis, etc there is the need for a well conscientised effort towards ensuring the future of the younger generations. The question then is who will do this for us? It takes individuals and groups who have societal interest at heart. This PAGOG seeks to do through activities that would go a long way to turn situations around and also reach out to the less privileged and the less accessible individuals. (B)Aims and Objectives i. Assist the less privileged, especially the rural dwellers in times of difficulties. ii. Conscientise the youth towards self-help and development. iii. Assist brilliant but needy folks in terms of education. iv. Provide education and logistics for tree planting and sanitation needs. v. Provide occasional healthcare to people, especially the aged and the less privileged. vi. Conscientise and promote volunteerism through its members and other volunteers towards community development. vii. Promote national integration through activities that will eliminate sectionalism, religious upheavals, ethnic clinging, etc. viii. Help improve or introduce simple technologies that can help meet the needs of rural communities in terms of safe drinking water, farming and preservation of food stuffs.

(C) Areas of Operation PAGOG’s activities shall mainly include the following: i. Public education on HIV/AIDS, TB, HEPATITIS ii. Healthcare delivery iii. Infrastructural development iv. Church/Mission Support Works v. General Care and Support vi. Environmental Concern – Tree planting vii. Counseling viii. Disaster Management ix. Community water supply and improvement

MEMBERSHIP: Membership is open to all interested volunteers irrespective of age, gender, religion, and nationality.