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About Us

The Purpose of SOLMK is to promote the education of the children, youth & others of Kenya in character development through distribution of educational literature along with promoting instruction for adults to enhance their qualifications, quality of life & opportunities. We want to alleviate impoverished people through income generating projects of various kinds through lawful means which may seem to the Board of Governors directly or indirectly conducive to the furtherance of the above purposes of SOLMK or any of them, and in particular and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the following:

  • A - To create youth centers [that will attract the 18-35 year olds] that will provide & safe, fun & nurturing environment to build relationships in order to get involved in the youth’s lives & help them personally [with character & morals], practically with training, skills & opportunities & host seminars & events to help them in every area of their lives. B – also to create a model that can sustain itself in order that we may replicate it throughout the nation of Kenya
  • To train community leaders in educating their peers & others in good character
  • To move the hearts of Kenyans & other privileged people [foreigners] for the work of missions, that is, reaching the indigent & meeting practical needs;
  • To reach out to the poor, providing them with basic life necessities;
  • To provide preventive health measures & organize workshops & seminars to sensitization the people
  • To establish and conduct schools to educate members and their children
  • To originate, develop & manage educational medical & agricultural & other pertinent literature
  • To build and operate institutions of charity, & without limiting the generality of the foregoing such institutions as schools, orphanages (with the consent of Kenyan governing authorities), youth & other camps, farms, retreats, hospitals, clinics, social centers; introducing improved technologies
  • To support youth & women’s groups to become self-sufficient
  • To collect, purchase, store, transport, distribute & donate all kinds of items, supplies, equipment, materials & goods of all kinds for the use in relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction & development, or the use in ancillary activities which may in the organizations’ opinion be conveniently carried on in conjunction with the aforementioned activities
  • To engage in & promote income generating projects, instill in the people the need for social harmony & peaceful co-existence by providing them an opportunity to discover, explore & develop their skills & abilities so as to promote social esteem, confidence & usefulness of their existence in society. Projects would include such things as bee-keeping, poultry keeping, goat & pig rearing, & animal husbandry, fish farming, health services, training, education for the purpose of providing basic necessities to widow, orphans & the needy of society
  • The provision of social services
  • To support, supply, administer, promote, assist & finance institutions, organizations, projects & programs concerned with the work of relief rehabilitation, reconstruction, development, training, education & medical services
  • To improve agriculture by demonstrations, training, diversification & introduction of improved technologies
  • To establish & maintain projects, programs & schemes which are geared towards the improvement of health care services in Kenya
  • To print literature, books or tracts, make films, tapes or CD’s, radio or T.V. broadcasts, or by any other means to inform our target people;
  • To construct, maintain & alter any building or erections & to provide the same with all proper & necessary fixtures, furniture, fittings, apparatus, appliances, conveniences & accommodation
  • To provide, endow, furnish & fit out with all necessary equipment, furniture, aid, statistics & other material for the coordination of the objectives aforesaid, & to promote, organize, manage, coordinate all such things, privileges or assessments over or in respect of any property & any buildings, machinery, engines, plant, livestock or things whatsoever.
  • To employ with or without remuneration such officers, servants & other persons as the mission may think fit, for the carrying out of its objectives
  • To remunerate any person, firm or company rendering services to this mission
  • To own, hold in trust, use, sell, convey, mortgage, lease, rent or otherwise gain, dispose of or use such property, real or chattel, as may be required or beneficial for the good of SOLMK, or for the carrying out of such projects that will be decided upon and approved by SOLMK.
  • To employ teachers, advisors, experts and other staff for all or any of the objects of the Organization;
  • To receive donations, subscriptions, legacies & gifts of all kinds for such promotion of its objectives & to apply the same & all profits & income derived there & from any other sources of income for the objectives of the mission or forwarding the same.

The Purpose of SOLMK is to promote the education of the children, youth & others of Kenya in character development through distribution of educational literature along with promoting instruction for adults to enhance their…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Family
  • Volunteering


  • Box 1294, Kisumu City, None 40100, Kenya

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