Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas

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About Us

VARAS a volunteer international abroad Africa Ghana charity non profit organization provides cheap international volunteer abroad opportunities ,short team volunteer abroad as well as long term volunteer abroad ,overseas opportunities in Ghana ,Africa.

If the volunteer's desires is to volunteer abroad overseas with total liberty under take a volunteer travel or adventure overseas in Africa Ghana ,do a volunteer work in summer abroad Africa or you are a high school leaver or a student seeking volunteer work abroad, Africa opportunities, then there is no better option than volunteering with VARAS in Ghana Africa.

VARAS gives the volunteer also the opportunities to do volunteer internship abroad, overseas in Ghana Africa.

Also the volunteer intend bringing a change in his/her life style, running away from stress due to work in volunteer's country, doing something difference or the volunteer feels like helping others ,doing a charity volunteer work abroad overseas Africa, Ghana, VARAS gives the volunteer these opportunities, program in Ghana Africa.

The volunteer should note that VARAS which carries its activities works, projects, programs in rural and urban areas and with its poverty reduction oriented program, work, projects give the volunteer the unique opportunities to contribute immensely towards improving the living conditions of rural poor if Ghana Africa. By volunteer volunteering and doing your volunteer work, program, project abroad Africa in Ghana with VARAS, the volunteer's desire to put smile on the faces of others, contribute towards the improvement of rural poor in Ghana Africa to be fulfill since our projects, work, program target the vulnerable, poor ones in rural Ghana Africa.