A.H. Dance Company

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New York
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About Us

Mission: To present and support independent contemporary artists and companies in New York and worldwide. Through collaborations with local dancers and artists of other mediums, A.H. Dance Company strive to share modern dance to communities that lack exposure to it. Through the work of Artistic Director, Alaine Handa, and other members of the company, we hope to present work that is engaging to different types of audiences that they can relate to in a sociological context.

Current Projects:

Touring Repertory: Chameleon is a multi-disciplinary presentation about global citizens who have been exposed to several cultures in their developmental years. Exploring the notions of home, cultural identity and relationships through film, spoken word, theater, photography and dance. Chameleon premiered in 2010 and has been performed in festivals, conferences, studios, community centres, and theaters in excerpts and full length versions. This piece is suitable for all ages and we are currently booking 2012-2014 touring dates. For more information please visit: http://tckcckahdanceproject.blogspot.com

Current work-in-progress: Habitat is a multi-sensory installation dance using projection, audience involvement, and physical dance. The audience experiences the installation through the five senses and perception of space and habitat throughout the piece. Each audience member will be an integral part of the performance and will be asked to do minimal movement such as walking around, standing, lying down, and sitting. This piece will be premiered in 2012.

Needs: Volunteers to help with administrative tasks like fundraising, event planning, grant research, grant writing, marketing, publicity, social media, etc. You would be assisting the Artistic Director. 1-3 hours a week. Most of it can be done on a computer at home.