The Ruckus Theater

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6954 N Greenview Ave Ste 310
United States

About Us

As a company, we are focused and devoted both to the development of new work and the exploration of the standard rehearsal model. We emphasize open communication and exploration between the traditional roles defined in the rehearsal room -- that is to say, the actors feed the playwright, who feeds the director, who feeds the actors, designers, and dramaturg, who all give back in turn. We actively encourage each other to step outside our comfort zones. We are dedicated to developing our work and each other. We are particularly interested in involving alternate forms of media and embracing the unexpected way to tell the story.

The Ruckus is a transplant of Kalamazoo, MI, made up of actors, directors, playwrights, musicians, casting directors, publicity managers, grant writers, baristas, grad students, music directors, baby teachers, poets, computer fixers, appointment-makers and census-takers. We aim to make new things and think about them.