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Company OverviewOn January 4th 2011, our son Ethan was diagnosed with Leukemia. This was the most devastating day of our family's life. Our family has received an overwhelming amount of support. The support has come from family, friends, our community and strangers. Without all of these wonderful and generous people we would have not been able to spend the time with Ethan and his 4 yr old sister Madelyn t...hat they both needed so much in this trying time.
While in the hospital with Ethan, life still continued around us and so did the bills.
Not only did the everyday bills add up but so did the cost of parking, gas and food. When your child is facing a life threatening disease your world stops. Because of this, we know first hand how families that have been affected with cancer are feeling. This is a pain that only you know if you have gone through it. We are happy to say that we are making good of this situation. See More

General InformationFounder: Emanuel Bairos Founder & Chief Executive Director: Debbie Bairos Executive Director & Trustee: Amy Raposo Trustee: Kevin Camara Third Secretary: Melissa Marotte Official Illustrator: Jason Raposo

MissionOur Mission...

The Kids Kickin' Cancer Foundation was created to financially assist families that have children affected by cancer during active treatment. We want to help others in the same way that we have been helped. This is a non-profit organization. We have some exciting plans for fundraising events and so much more. We are asking if there is anyway that you can help us. Whether is it a monetary donation, gift certificate, gift card, or anything that can help these families it will be greatly appreciated.

Help Us... Help Families

Thank you for your support.

AwardsWe are an Official 501(c)3 non profit organization

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