Born To Be, Inc

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600 S Graves St
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About Us

Born To Be, Inc. is a non profit organization based in McKinney, Texas that was created and set up to try to start a retreat and resource center for survivors and victims of abuse to go to where they can learn to overcome the past, to see they can have a second chance in life, to be in an environment where they are not judged or ridiculed for who they are, where they are surrounded by others who have been through similar things but at the same time where they can get help they need and learn to rebuild their lives as they begin to see how truly beautiful and amazing they are, that the scars don't make them any less of a person but more of a person for having endured and survived everything they have. This retreat and resource center will provide them a place to be able to openly and freely talk about the pain they felt and feel, the feelings they are dealing with, share their life experiences, and even creatively express those locked up emotions as they get in touch with their inner self. The goal of the retreat is to help survivors and victims of abuse heal, to help them get back on their feet again, and gain the confidence in themselves as they learn to embrace every part of who they are and start to look in the mirror and not see someone broken but see someone who has emerged that much stronger because to be standing here today is an accomplishment to be proud of, not something to be ashamed of. The goal of the resource part of the center is to have a hotline where victims and survivors from all over can call in and we can direct them to the nearest shelter or center in their area where they can go to receive immediate help, guidance and assistance right then and there. It is our goal to work together with organizations and shelters all over to help victims and survivors to be safe and to rebuild their lives again once they leave their situation.

Our overall goal: help give abuse victims and survivors the assistance they need to help them back on their feet and provide them with education and resources to aid them once they leave the Born To Be retreat so they will continue to receive guidance and direction and have support and help in rebuilding their lives instead of being thrown out into the world to find their way on their own.

Our Objective: To provide a safe environment where abuse victims and survivors can learn how to take bak control of their lives and gain victory over the past by offering programs in which they are free to creatively express themselves in a healthy, positive way. These programs will help them see the beauty within and unlock their potential as they discover who they were truly born to be in life. Our services are unlimited and it is our hope that when students leave the retreat, they will do so with a renewed sense of self worth, self confidence, and with a purpose of knowing their life holds so much more for them because that broken, damaged perspective will be gone and replaced by a perspective of self love and acceptance. Also, it is our goal to educate the public about abuse and show them the successful, strong, beautiful side of survivors that society fails to depict. We encourage healing through music, writing, exercise, support groups, art, sports, and poetry to name a few of the programs.