International charity fund Step to the future

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About Us

The International charity fund “Step to the future” is a non-commercial charity organization, established in 2009. Our activity is various. Through the program of the Fund we perform different projects and carry through the actions, both single and permanent.

The basic principle of the activity of the Fund is the clarity in consequence of the high disclosure of projects and Fund activity at all times: decision making as well as the summation. Each can check what money was spent for. We immediately inform everybody about the fund raising as well as the results of treatment or other program.

For us the destiny of the children, who met with the serious diseases, is not indifferent. It depends on us only, how they will accept this period in their lives. They are to know that there are some people, who are able to help to meet this difficult period of their life.

The International charity fund “Step to the future” joins hundreds of people in different countries, each of whom gives the part of the heart for the maximum effective levy and distribution of the contributions for the emergency operations, expensive courses of treatment, long-term programs of health protection.

Among our priorities – the assistance for the perfection of the health protection system in Ukraine, vital help providing for distressed people irrespective of age, disease, place of registration and citizenship. Any decision of the Fund falls under the careful expert analysis under the Administration and Supervisory Board engaging the external independent experts.

If each of us opens the heart toward other people’s grief and we will join our efforts together, we can help them. Indeed the Ukrainian doctors are often forceless at struggle with the children’s diseases for lack of the special equipment or impossibility of treatment financing. Their lives and future depends on our mercy and ruth.

We are profoundly grateful to everybody, who works with us and supports us. Only together we can save a lot of harmless lives and perfect the situation of the health protection in Ukraine.