Search for Common Ground - Jerusalem Office

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About Us

Founded in 1982, Search for Common Ground (SFCG) works to transform the way the world deals with conflict – away from adversarial approaches and towards collaborative problem solving. We work with local partners to find culturally appropriate means to strengthen societies’ capacity to deal with conflicts constructively: to understand the differences and act on the commonalities.

Using innovative tools and working at different levels of society, we engage in a pragmatic long-term process of conflict transformation. Our toolbox includes media production – radio, TV, film and print – mediation and facilitation, training, community organizing, sports, drama and music. We promote both individual and institutional change and are committed to measuring the results of our work. We strive to constantly increase our effectiveness through monitoring and facilitated learning.

SFCG has run programs in the Middle East since 1991. The Jerusalem office was set up in 2000 and conducts multi-track activities to promote positive relationships amongst Palestinians, Israelis, and Arabs in the region. Directed jointly by an Israeli and a Palestinian, the office’s vision is of a region that works for everyone. We work in four main areas: media, leadership development, health, and interfaith.