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About Us

Why live stream a play?

Better Left Unsaid is the first of its kind interactive, live streamed play. Staged in NYC in front of a live audience, Better Left Unsaid will be shot with multiple cameras, mixed in real time and streamed live to the internet so that anyone, anywhere in the world can watch the show and interact with it.

Why Live -Stream a play?

  • To more deeply engage a 21st century audience.
  • To allow our audience to literally become a part of the creative community via Facebook, Twitter, chat rooms and video.
  • Because a live streamed video play combines the excitement of live theater with the community of live streamed video events.
  • Because theater alters lives, and live streaming has the potential to bring theater of all sorts to all corners of the globe.
  • Because live streaming is a new theatrical paradigm that could launch an entirely new dramatic form born of today’s technology.

Better Left Unsaid is a female driven project. It is conceived of, written by, directed by, produced by and designed by women. We are proud to invest a mature female voice into an online video community wherein the creatives are mostly male. Men are great... but we fervently believe that a woman's vision, voice and experience is equally crucial to the artistic growth of the interactive storytelling medium.

Better Left Unsaid begins previews January 21, 2010, and runs thru February 6th.