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Usa River


About Us

Tabasamu Childcare and Orphanage (TCC-Arusha) is a Tanzanian orphanage and day care centre. Our mission is serving our community’s neediest children, and hope that with love and proper resources they will prosper in education, health, and happiness. Our major aim are, to educate the children from the age of 3 until the age of 18. One of our major challenges is financing the building's rent, food, shelter, and our children's education as the orphanage is only being sponsored by its owner and small donations. Others financial difficulties are the staff's salaries, providing medical treatment and transport the children to and from school. 

The organization was founded by David Joseph Wella, who was born and raised in the community where the organization is located today. Therefore, he knows and understands all the problems associated with the community he is currently serving. Tabasamu orphanage was created to serve the most vulnerable children and orphans in the community of more than 17 different wards. Tabasamu children are normally victims of the following backgrounds:

·        Effects of HIV/AIDS. The disease has killed a big number of parents in most part of Africa and it has left behind orphans or vulnerable children who need the help that Tabasamu provides.

·        Economic hardship of parents who cannot afford to nourish, take care and educate their children properly. Thus sometimes they abandon their children, leaving them on the street with no shelter or food. 

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At Tabasamu, we help these vulnerable children by providing them with shelter, food, clothing, medical treatments and a bilingual education (English and Swahili) in order to expand their professional opportunities in the future. We look after their health, happiness and every other necessity that a child deserves to have.