Amartya - Social Responsibility

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Buenos Aires


About Us

Amartya is a non-governmental organization that believes in the value of collaboration in the pursuit of comprehensive and enduring social change. Key words are networking and partnership. We are convinced that no sector, be it governmental, managerial or societal, can bring about economic, social, or environmental sustainability on its own. It is for this reason that we promote projects that are brainstormed, developed, and implemented by multidisciplinary groups that include representatives of different sectors. In this way, all of our projects contain complementary visions from the very beginning, achieving an exchange of resources, knowledge, and abilities that facilitate their success. The organization aims to systematically develop and distribute new knowledge and transform it into concrete projects for lasting social change. Its projects are aimed at young people and cover areas such as education, social inclusion, fair trade, responsible consumption, sustainability, CSR and volunteer work.