Orchids of Light Foundation

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144 Gould Pond Road
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About Us

The Orchids of Light Foundation builds a community of engaged philanthropists and volunteers and then pairs them with our screened portfolio of Communities (Partners). Believing that with a little help, present in every community are the assets and strengths to emerge from poverty and oppression to a path of Self-Sustainability.

The Orchids of Light Foundation…

  • Is a conduit for philanthropists who desire an intimate relationship with the global community.
  • Provides the equity tools necessary to help our partners turn their dreams into reality.

Physical Equity: Volunteerism Moral Equity: Education and Mentoring Intellectual Equity: Implementation Advice and Support Material Equity: Financial Aid

  • Recognizes that when we plant the seeds of education, personal engagement, and a moral perspective of life we grow the compassionate philanthropists of the future.
  • Is a catalyst for credible investment, delivering 100% of every investment targeted for a community to that community, opportunity for each donor to meet and know the Community, program and project they support.