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About Us

Mission: To address developmental needs in children through games, toys and play

'It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.' Toybank envisions a world where all children are empowered through healthy play. It provides secure and happy childhoods for children who are at risk, so they are empowered to experience an equitable adulthood. Toybank believes that qualities like passion, enthusiasm and goodness are qualities which are planted at the root level. A happy Childhood defines so many aspects for children and thus the society at large.

Toybank's approach is to develop programs and initiatives that will provide an opportunity for these kids to lead a normal life in the future. By focusing our attention in their behavioral and mental growth in their most impressionable years of life, Toybank hopes to change their perspective towards life in their adulthood. It collaborates with institutions from all across India and ensure they are well equipped to attract children into their spaces and thus get them off dangerous surroundings.