Families of September 11

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About Us

Families of September 11, Inc. (FOS11) is a nonprofit organization founded by families of those who died in the September 11 terrorist attacks. Membership is open to the families of victims of 9/11 and the related anthrax attacks, as well as those injured, survivors and first responders. Victims of other terrorist attacks and concerned individuals who support our mission are also invited to join as associate members. FOS11 does not receive financial or other support from any political parties, campaign organizations or the like.

The group has two goals:

We promote the interests of victims' families, survivors, and others affected by 9/11 through information retrieval and dissemination, resource referral, research and online chat sessions, as well as through our involvement in such issues as school safety and curriculum, public trauma, victims’ assistance, and children’s issues related to terrorism and security.

We support public policies that respond to the threat of terrorism; specifically support for the 9/11 Commission Recommendations, development of appropriate agency responses, legislation related to aviation, border, port and transportation security, and intelligence reform.

Our Board is composed of professionals who lost immediate family members in the attacks. The members of our Advisory Board bring expertise and knowledge to our organization in specific areas that ably support our goals.

We are committed to offering current and accurate information, to promoting resiliency and strength, to advocating on behalf of our members and issues of importance to them, and to continuing a dialogue with an expanding group of our families, friends and supporters.