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About Us


Harlem Children Society (HCS: a Not-for-profit {501(c)(3)} organization, selects the most diligent and promising students from communities ridden by abject poverty and adverse situations to participate in its innovative programs. Students engage in one-on-one mentoring and hands-on research in allied sciences, including Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, and allied sciences.

HCS is dedicated to promoting and evolving an innovative, extremely high-end, one-on-one, hands-on scientific research programs in bio/medicine, engineering, technology, & allied fields. This highly sought-after program pairs leading scientists, engineers and doctors in reputed institutions and universities with children and youth from families living in under-resourced and under-served community. They either qualify for free lunch, and/or are well below the U.S. poverty lines. Consistently over the past decade, about 97% of the students have been from Minority Backgrounds (46% are African American, 25% Hispanic, 18% Asian, 8% Native American). In addition, consistently, about 62% of the students have been Young Women. Over 25% of the students have been the first in their families to graduate from a university degree or college diploma. HCS tracks and performs a longitudinal study of all its participants. One hundred percent of the students who have gone through HCS programs have either graduated from University/ College, or are still at various stages of study in the campuses nationwide. Over 80% of the students have maintained a relationship with the sciences. We therefore firmly believe that HCS has not only been a leveler in the playing field for needy students, but also of their families and communities that HCS serves.

HCS is a highly respected organization: ( endorsed by Nobel Laureates; Colleges & University Presidents; Leading Scientists, Professors and other Professionals; Teachers, Principals and other Educators; Community Leaders like Senators, Congressman, Presidents, Mayors, Prime-ministers and Chief Ministers, Ambassadors, Ministers of Parliaments, Students; Parents & Guardians and accolades from Press and Media and several Proclamations.

HCS has been rated as one of the most outstanding programs of its kind in the US, and increasingly setting a global paradigm. We not only provide students an opportunity to gain valuable research experience, but we also prepare them for future educational pursuits. Students advance scholastically, socially, and professionally in the HCS program. HCS graduates have attended, often on full scholarships to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the US, including Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Cornell, Hunter, PACE, Swarthmore College, Penn State, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), and others. Several of our students are recipients of several awards and prizes including: New York Times, Posse, Gates Millennium, and several others.

While all students selected to participate in HCS programs share a common interest in scientific inquiry and academic achievement, their passion must also be accompanied by a commitment to fostering their local communities.

It is the building of a world community that HCS celebrates as its central goal: striving through education, carving a dream, and reaching for the stars. HCS is a global humanity endeavoring to foster a better citizenry by helping one another and making the world a better place for all… one village at a time.

The HCS Model is a Universal Paradigm.

Each student researches topics, which can provide assistance and solutions to local community issues, creating a global community of the next generation of local leaders. HCS’s impressive success is directly attributable to its innovative model. This organizational centerpiece features a unique collaboration between government organizations, industry professionals, university faculty, community leaders and contributing foundations, and is the quintessential formula for encouraging achievement in the most diligent, deserving students from impoverished backgrounds.

Dr. Sat Bhattacharya founded HCS on June 5, 2000. In a journey, what began with one mentor – Dr. Bhattacharya in his laboratory at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center with three gifted students, and the dream of creating a better community through a shared vision of academic inquiry and scholastic achievement despite financial limitation – now has blossomed in its 12th year, in New York alone, including over 400 students selected from more than 200 schools mentored by over 1500 leading scientists, engineers, doctors and other professionals from over 200 partner institutions, who share this vision. Operating in 14 US locations and 12 countries across five continents, HCS serves a student population that is growing exponentially. In 2012, HCS reached yet another milestone in its growth as a global organization, serving over 700 deserving students across the globe. Nationwide, HCS has students from, Detroit, MI; Washington, DC; Camden, NJ; to New Orleans, LA. Native Americans have become a vibrant segment of the HCS US program. In 2004, the Hopi and Navajo were the first tribes/nations to participate in the HCS program. As of 2010, nine tribes/nations were represented, and HCS anticipates it will bring the Lakota and the Sioux, among other tribes/nations, into the fold in 2010. As of 2012, without exception, all HCS students graduating high school, who applied, were admitted to college/university. HCS plans to implement its groundbreaking template as part of the organization’s global reach.

Urban Programs

HCS urban program students are selected at an early grade level to conduct hands-on research and gain experience in professional settings in preparation for university and beyond.

Students are provided with:

• Placement in a laboratory, medical, or investigative internship to conduct research and prepare presentations

• One-on-one training, guidance and assistance from HCS mentors throughout student research internship

• Performance-based scholarship to cover expenses in order to facilitate full focus on conducting research

• Seminars spanning a variety of disciplines to expand HCS students’ understanding of various sciences

Rural Programs

HCS rural students are selected at a young age based on merit, interest in academic achievement and a commitment to improving their local communities.

Students are provided with:

• Guided research aimed at addressing prevailing issues reflecting local socio-economic, environmental and health conditions

• Developing research methodologies and all necessary materials to conduct their studies

• One-on-one mentoring by local community leaders in science and medicine

• Performance-based scholarship to cover expenses and facilitate full focus on project goals and studies

• Raised awareness of deficient local infrastructure and means to create tested solutions

HCS Glocal Village

The Harlem Children Society (HCS) may have begun in New York City, but its roots extend to every hemisphere of the world. From Cambodia to Croatia… Egypt to Ecuador… Peru to the Philippines, HCS students and their families have come to the United States to participate in the grand experiment known as the American Dream. HCS is a virtual United Nations.

HCS Harlem Science Parade and Glocal Science Street Fairs & Festivals

The annual “Harlem Science Parade and Global Science Street Fairs & Festivals” are the jewels in the crown of the HCS program. Students in established HCS programs unite to share their research and culture in a series of simultaneous events connected via webcast. In 2010 eight concurrent sister fairs were organized across five continents, bridging the time and digital divide in a unique celebration of Science and Society. HCS has also organized “Harlem Science Parades” a student procession through the New York City streets leading to the site of the “Annual HCS Global Science Street Fairs & Festivals” in the heart of Harlem.

Each year, the Harlem Children Society’s global programs culminate in a series of simultaneous worldwide events linked via global webcast. HCS students, joined by their families, university and industry mentors, community and government leaders, local community members and other invited guests, present their hands-on research projects. The event celebrates the unifying impact of academic inquiry and the human spirit across continental and cultural divides. HCS Street Fairs & Festivals are a family and community affair offering everyone the opportunity to engage in science & cultural exchange. HCS students from around the world joined together via live simultaneous webcast to share their research with multiple communities and celebrate the binding power of scientific inquiry and cultural exchange.

Glocal Street Fairs & Festivals:

New York City, New York; Hopi Nation, Arizona; Navajo Nation, Arizona; Monterrey, Mexico; Awassa, Ethiopia; Meru, Kenya; Chisinau, Moldova; Kolkata, India; Christchurch, New Zealand

“HCS programs bring sciences directly to the urban streets and far flung villages worldwide, and build awareness about the importance of investing in these students today to nurture tomorrow’s leaders in science and our communities – becoming true Glocal citizens”

Dr. Sat Bhattacharya, HCS Founder, President & CEO

“In the twenty five years that I have spent as a physician and the three years that I have been a Science Educator, I have rarely if ever been acquainted with a place that is as vital as what you have created at The Harlem Children Society. Engaging curious students in important work is merely the beginning of what you have accomplished.

Your personal attention to their educational needs coupled with your support and enthusiasm for them will always be deeply appreciated and remains unmatched by any other entity that I am aware of.

Your program accomplished this task by integrating the acquisition of knowledge through lectures series and hands-on research culminating in individual projects and presentations that each student could bring to the community. The program empowered the students and allowed each to realize that they could make a difference in the world if they continued to participate as active scientists.

. . . . It is an experience that will be memorable one throughout their lives.”

<code><strong>Dr. Barbara Zarou, MD, Science Coordinator, Bronx Health Sciences High School</strong></code>


2012-13 Organizational & Program Highlights

Program Description & Benefits

The intensive summer and year-round after-school hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and allied science research internship program serves under-resourced and under-served high school and undergraduate students, who work with mentors from leading educational and research institutions across the New York tri-state area, the US, and globally as part of a burgeoning international program.

  • Since its inception in 2000, Harlem Children Society (HCS) has grown exponentially and received overwhelmingly positive community response.
  • All student interns are from under-resourced and under-served backgrounds, neighborhoods and school districts.
  • The eight-week intensive summer internship for new students extends throughout the year in an after-school program providing them an opportunity to begin and continue practical hands-on research.
  • HCS awards students a substantial performance-based scholarship for their internship work.
  • Student interns engage in hands-on research at prestigious universities and institutions including: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, American Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Columbia University, Hunter College, Kennedy Space Center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NASA, New York University, Stevens Institute of Technology, and others.
  • Student interns engage in hands-on research in a broad spectrum of cutting-edge topics including: aerospace engineering, bio-diversity, bio/medicine and bioinformatics, computer modeling, cybernetics, forensics, genetic engineering, green architecture, HIV/ AIDS research, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical research/development, protein modeling, renewable energy studies, robotics, and sustainable agriculture and development.
  • Student interns receive invaluable mentor instruction and guidance, a thorough background in their individual research projects, and undergo rigorous training in lab techniques and the safe and proper handling of devices, instruments, chemicals and biological substances.
  • Student interns build self-confidence and presentation skills, develop social and professional skills, and gain a sense of direction to better make decisions about future pursuits and to set personal goals.
  • Student interns are prepared academically for college/university by submitting required detailed descriptions of their research and results in PowerPoint presentations, research papers and posters, which they present in the context of the organization’s summer weekly lecture series, the “Global Harlem Science Street Fairs & Festivals,” and various other academic forums and conferences.
  • The organization fosters participation and sponsors students in leading regional and national science conferences, competitions, and academic forums, including the prestigious Annual Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society Conference.
  • Student interns present their research to their communities and society at large at the annual “Harlem Science Parade and Global Science Street Fairs & Festivals." Staged in New York City and other national and global sister sites, the simultaneous fairs are connected via live webcast, bridging the time and digital divide. 2009 marked the inaugural staging of the “Harlem Science Parade,” a student procession through the New York City streets leading to the site of the “Sixth Annual Harlem Global Science Street Fairs & Festivals” in the heart of Harlem.
  • HCS grooms students for higher education, including offering application assistance. Students have been accepted at a number of prestigious colleges and universities, including: Babson College, Bard College, Binghamton College, Buffalo State, Columbia University, Cornell University, Harvard University, MIT, CalTech, Dartmouth College, Drexel University, Florida State University, Ithaca College, New York University, Penn State University, Norfolk State University, Rutgers University, St. John's University, Steven's Institute of Technology, Swarthmore College, UNJMD, Xavier University and others.
  • Student interns have competed for and been awarded prestigious awards and accolades, including: the Gates Millennium Scholarship, New York Times Scholarship, and the Posse Scholarship.

Growth & Development in the United States & Abroad

  • The initial 2001 program began with three high school students, and grew to over 400 students in the 2012 US program alone.
  • In the 2012 US program, over 1,500 mentors representing more than 200 educational/research institutions participated along with some 400 students from over 200 schools.
  • Approximately 96% of the 2012 program’s US students were from minority backgrounds, as represented in the following demographic distribution: African American (40%); Hispanic (26%); Native American (16%); Asian (14%); Caucasian (4%)
  • In a consistent trend since the establishment of the organization, approximately 58% of the 2012 US program’s students were young women.
  • Of the 2012 US program’s Native American student population, the following nations and/or tribes were represented: Cherokee, Oklahoma; Choctaw, Oklahoma; Hopi, Arizona; Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico; Lumbee, North Carolina; Ojibwa, Minnesota; St. Regis Mohawks, NY.
  • In addition to the US student population, HCS has been increasing its international presence. HCS projects its 2012 program abroad will involve up to 1500 students. Its 2010 global program numbered more than 350 students in Central and Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, as represented in the following geographic distributions and number of students per country: * Mexico (12); * Honduras (6); * Algeria (3); * Ethiopia (100); * Ghana (30); * Kenya (50); * Tanzania (30); * India (60); * New Zealand (1); * Malaysia (6); * Moldova (1)

Testimonials & Endorsements

Nobel Laureates

  • · “Dr. Sat, I commend you on this excellent program for training young minds. All of you (students) are indeed lucky to be in a program like this. You must make the best use of your time spend in this program and evolve life long connections. Congratulations”.”

Nobel Laureate (Physiology & Medicine) Dr. Richard Axel, Columbia University

  • · “You all are very luck to be in a program like this….Your hard work and discipline with this program will lead you to successes in the future…”

Nobel Laureate (Chemistry), Dr. Sidney Altman, Yale University

College & University Presidents

  • · “We need students who want to learn and want to experience the pure joy of discovery, …mentors and scientists who are absolutely committed to sharing their love of science with others, and will open their lab up any time to help students,….families who are willing to support you and your pursuit of this vision, and … visionaries like Dr. Sat, who have the energy to bring something wonderful like the Harlem Children Society to life.”

Dr. Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D., President of Stony Brook University

Scientists, Professors and Other Mentors

  • · “In reality, in a good society, it’s the right of every child to have a full education, just as healthcare is a right. And that’s what’s remarkable about what Dr. Sat has done…. Dr. Sat’s work is truly extraordinary. He has created this from the beginning, and he’s done it in a way which society should have done. And he’s done it from the bottom, that is to say, by working with people who need it, not from some bureaucratic position.”

Professor Robin Briehl, MD, PhD., Professor of Physiology, Biophysics & Biochemistry

Albert Einstein School of Medicine

  • · “My involvement with you began in 2005 at the annual meeting of the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society, when I heard you describe, in your characteristically charismatic style, an amazing life-changing program for low income, very bright, high achieving, mostly minority, high school students. I was immediately hooked and took steps to begin collaboration with you. I remember how we were successfully involved colleagues at the Florida Space Institute, a consortium of universities, and NASA to bring HCS students to do cutting-edge research at the space institute. The HCS students worked on rocket fuels, flight trajectories and other aspects of space science…The HCS commitment to multiyear mentoring, new opportunities and a year round involvement present a unique picture of deep commitment on the part of yourself and a team of like-minded scientists and supporters.

Professor Lelie Sue Lieberman, Director of Women’s Research Program,

University of Central Florida

  • · “If we are not to fall behind in globalization of science and technology, we must take advantage of those population under-represented in the scientific and technical fields. We need them as much as they need us. However, it will not happen without careful planning and nurturing of those bright students who do not know how to proceed without role models and well-designed experiences and advisors. Your program provides these role models, experiences, and also a group of fellow students who will reinforce each other. Furthermore, since you have such an excellent track record, it will be clear to the students, that just as previous Harlem Children Society students have been successful, they too can be successful.

Professor Susan Fahrenholtz, Professor of Chemistry, Fordham University

Scientist (Retd.), Bell Research Laboratories

  • · “I am very pleased to have met you and learn of your services over the past several years to our students in the Hopi Reservation and additional Native communities in New Mexico and Pine Ridge in South Dakota. It is essential that the HCS program gain additional support and resources to continue and expand work fundamental to our future in STEM disciplines.”

“As a Native person and a Hopi Tribal member, I have been fortunate to receive an education that has allowed me to contribute to America’s future, to society and to the Native American Community as a role model. As the co-founder and founding chairman of the American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES), with more than 30 years of experience in training and nurturing 12, 00 graduates, I am very aware of what the Harlem Children Society accomplishes in our youth. The educational ethic embedded in the Harlem Children’s Program gives us a unique opportunity to display that cultural differences are not a barrier to graduation at advanced levels of science, engineering and medicine.”

“We as Native people applaud your role in bringing this high quality program to our youth. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse the approach of the Harlem Children Society Program in helping the student to see the world of education in a new way, and see themselves as a success. We in our communities must support programs such as the Harlem Children Society today with utmost vigor.”

Professor Al Qoyawayma, Hopi

Cosmologist and Founding Chairman, American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES)

  • · “I have seen this amazing program grow and provide excellent results over several years. I have invited Dr. Sat to implement his program in the African Country of Tanzania. Dr. Sat was the State Guest of Tanzania invited by the President of Tanzania Hon. Kikwete to implement his programs there. We are looking forward to this amazing partnership”

Dr. Estomih Mtui, MD, Director of Anatomy & Physiology,

Hospital for Special Surgery at Cornell University School of Medicine

  • · “Thank you so much for helping the students at the Hopi and collaborating with us at the Hopi Medical Center. It has been a life changing experience for the students here. Apart from doing their research, they have worked together on a ropes challenge course, participated in a health careers fair at the University of Arizona, have produced personal digital stories, received First Aid/CPR training, and started working with their mentors. I can’t imagine having that kind of opportunity when I was in high school and starting out in college.”

Dr. Anna Lewis, MD

Hopi Medical Center

  • · “I was delighted to have learnt about your organization from Mr. Marete, who has completed his Masters here with flying colors, who you helped in extending your support through your programs in Meru in Kenya. We would like to learn more about your programs and invite you to share and collaborate on the various activities. The postgraduate research topics are just wonderful in that students here are hoping to go back and contribute to development in their countries of origin on completion of their degrees, or assist migrant communities in New Zealand.”

Dr. Annabel Taylor,

Director Postgraduate Studies,

University of Canterbury, Christchurch,

New Zealand

  • · “HCS came into my life several years ago when Dr. Sat introduced me to it. Having grown up in tough neighborhoods in South Bronx and Harlem several decades ago, and progressing on to do well for myself through education, I have been privileged to give back to the community by mentoring scores of students through HCS. I highly encourage my colleagues in sciences to get involved in this program.

Professor Thomas Brennan, Professor & Chair Dept of Chemistry

Director of Pharmaceutical Technology Program,

Bronx Community College, City University of New York

  • · “I am a firm believer in you (Dr. Sat) and the program. Through this program I have been fortunate to participate as a mentor helping change lives of the future of our generation. I salute Dr. Sat for evolving and developing this excellent program”,

Dr. Mary Lee Wong, MD, Clinical Immunologist,

Beth Israel Hospital, New York

Teachers & Principals

  • ·
  • · “In the twenty-five years that I spent as a physician and the three years that I have been a Science Educator, I have rarely, if ever, been acquainted with a place that is as vital to what you have created at the Harlem Children Society. Engaging curious students in important work is merely the beginning of what you have accomplished. Your personal attention to educational needs coupled with your support and enthusiasm remains unmatched by any other entity I am aware of. The students who come to HCS leave as confident life-long learners, equipped with science research skills that are so needed in our world today.”

Dr. Barbara Zarou, MD, Bronx Health Sciences HS, Bronx, NY

  • · “But, nothing happens in isolation…. And without the support, the faith, and the cooperation of organizations such as Harlem Children Society, with Dr. Sat heading that organization (sic) and coming to our school and recruiting kids in numbers year after year, you have had the opportunity to be exposed to high levels of science… and Dr. Sat, your work will not be ever forgotten, and all the seeds that you have planted will reproduce generation after generation…. and they will continue the work that you began….. For that, our school will always be in debt, and our loyalty and gratitude will reside with you.“

Mr. William Quintana, Principal of High School for Medical Science, Bronx, NY

  • · “…. Think Harlem Children Society means unlimited possibilities.”

Dr. Sandy Johnson, Principal of Thurgood Marshall Academy, Harlem NY

  • · “Dr. Sat set a place at the HCS table for all of these students, and made them welcome, and then challenged them to become their best selves…. The standards are high here. And students aspire to reach them. This is a perfect working example of maintaining high standards, allowing students to rise up to meet and even surpass them. At the end of it all, because of our belief in the students, they gain self-esteem, they see connections to a bigger world, and they come away with the self-confidence they need to look at ahead and move forward. HCS does this with such ease and seeming simplicity, that I have been in awe of this place since I picked up that piece of paper just three years ago.”

Dr. Barbara Zarou, MD, Bronx Health Sciences HS, Bronx, NY

  • · “I didn’t at first understand what an organization called the Harlem Children Society could have to do with affording high school students opportunities in research laboratories around the city. However, nowadays I feel I do. Here I stand on a stage usually reserved for incredibly motivated, accomplished, and feted scientists--here, frequently of Nobel calibre--or otherwise highly trained, lyrical, and wonderfully-talented musicians. Here, I can’t help but feel like a child, myself. What must the souls of these young people be feeling at this moment?”.

Mr. Tim Hearn, Chemistry Teacher, Frederick Douglass Academy

  • · “I applaud your efforts to educate and train the under-resourced and under-served inner city youths and more importantly to expand your program to include the students of Detroit Public Schools in Detroit, Michigan. Your program added a dimension of tremendous value to our college-bound students who graduated from Chadsey High School in Detroit, Michigan. I believe this innovative opportunity will enable more students to pursue their goals in science and engineering and help to prepare them to become effective producers in our community.”

Ms. Velma Snow, Assistant Principal, Henry Ford High School,

Detroit Public Schools, Detroit, Michigan

  • · “Dear sir, from our villages here in the remote areas of Meru in Kenya, I would like to extend our gratitude and your kind help to help our students here. The majority of them are orphaned by AIDS and know the pain of losing parents, others are affected by AIDS either directly or indirectly. I am sure the seed you will plant in Meru, the community will forever remain to grow and grow, for some surely were to drop out of school and see their dreams forever die.”

Mr. Muriungi Marete,

Head Of Careers Department

Meru High School, Meru, Kenya

Other Educators

  • · “We are big believers in you, and we are going to make sure you are the ones we showcase…”

Mr. Dennis Walcott, New York City Chancellor, NYC Board of Education.

  • · “We are excited about becoming participants in the Harlem children Society because it is an opportunity for many of our students (Native American) in the coming years..”

Ms. Daisy Thompson, Director. Indian Education Department,

Albuquerque Public Schools, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Community Leaders

  • · “I commend your work for the advancement of science especially among young students…. You have my whole-hearted support.”

Congressman Charles Rangel,

U .S. Representative, 15th Congressional District, NY

  • · “I have been following your (Dr. Sat) program. You (students) are fortunate that if you take this opportunity with hard work, it will open many doors for you and your community. We are very proud of you.”

Congressman Ed Towns,

U .S. Representative, 10th Congressional District, NY

  • · “I commend all affiliated with this unique program, for their hard work, dedication and commitment… which only gets better every year. In preparing our bright high school students and undergraduates for the future – further education and careers – you nurture the joy and the spirit of science and math, demonstrating the beauty of a mathematical equation or concept, and the wonder of scientific experiment, incidentally creating lifelong learners along the way.”
  • · Governor David A. Patterson,
  • · New York State Governor, NY
  • ·
  • · “It is my pleasure to offer my support to the Harlem children Society (HCS). At a time when the education of our Nation’s children is one of the most pressing concerns facing this country, I am pleased that HCS is a wonderful example of the innovative programs needed to shape the way that science, math, and technology are taught to under-served and at risk students. I am please to lend my support to such an innovative and much needed program that will not only have the potential to transform the lives of the students who participate in the program, but to further our nation’s science, math and technological advances both nationally and internationally.”

Governor Sam Brownback,

Governor of Kansas, U.S.A.

  • · Your work over the last eleven years to foster an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math among underrepresented students is vitally important both for the students you serve. Through your initiation of science parades and street fairs, you have exposed gifted students to the sciences, sparking an academic interest that will serve them well for a lifetime. Your programs have nurtured that interest, encouraging your students to pursue careers as physicians, researchers, professors, and engineers, thus enabling them to make a valuable contribution to their profession and community.”

Senator Dean G. Skelos,

New York State Senate Majority Leader

  • · “…As you embark on what we know will be a long affiliation with this very, very special organization… You have been chosen for your very special talents and your accomplishments. In addition, you have earned this opportunity. But remember, too, that it is not just for your benefit that you’ll be inducted today into the Harlem Children Society family… Your achievements and accomplishments in this program and beyond will better the world, we know, in which we all live.”

Senator Suzie Oppenheimer,

Chair, New York Senate Standing Committee on Education

  • · “I support the work of Harlem Children Society, which has made a major contribution to the education of New Yorkers and to the advancement of science. Your programs have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of gifted youth from under-resourced communities, and I am proud to support your efforts. …. I heartily endorse the efforts of the Harlem Children Society in engaging young people in the study of science and developing innovative approaches to science teaching. Thank you for all of your hard work for this worthy cause, and I look forward to continue to collaborate with you in your worthy endeavors.”

Senator Liz Krueger,

  • · New York Senate Senator
  • · “My dear students, it is programs like Harlem children Society, that are proving one of the best education out there, that are opening doors for your and your families. Now it is upto you to work hard and use it for you benefit. There is really no excuse after this for poverty. Because you must use this to take you and your families out of these clutches. Dr. sat we are firm believers in you to remove poverty through the programs you have created.

Senator Ruth Hassel-Thompson,

New York Senate Senator

  • · “We are very proud of you (Dr sat) for giving back to our communities and setting an example for us all to do the same.”

Senator John Sampson,

New York Senate Senator

  • · “We’re going to unleash you (the students) to the world, and there’s no limit, no end, to what you can accomplish…”

Comptroller John Liu,

New York City Comptroller

  • · “… I say to you, this is your opportunity. This is your pathway. But along the way, if you meet up with doors that should be open, if you meet up with doors where they want to knock you to the back of the line, step up for yourself and say, I’m here. I’ll be counted. You’re going to hear from me.”

Senator Pedro Espada,

New York State Senate Majority Leader

  • · “…We all come from families that come from different countries and we should never be ashamed of who we are and where we came from… And it’s up to every single one of you to be part of the new America. The new America is going to depend on every single one of you. And we are depending that you are going to change the faces of government, of corporate America, who’s sitting on the Board of Trustees… You are the ones going to make that happen. And we are depending on you.”

Assemblyman Félix Ortiz

New York Assembly Member

  • · “We all, each and every one of us, owe so much of what we are to somebody else… If you always remember that it took a village to raise you, you will live your life to repay that debt. And that you will live your life to be part of that village and help raise the next generation of children. And just as you appreciate those who made the world for you, I believe if you do keep that in your heart, you will help to make the world for those who come after you.”

Assemblyman Dick Gottfried

New York Assemblyman Dick Gottfried

  • · “Dr. Sat may God bless you for the wonderful services that you are providing through the program you created changing the lives of the poor through education.”

Father Angelo, St. Stephens of Hungary,

Archdiocese of New York

Other Leadership

  • · “I take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt thanks to you for sharing the commendable work being done by your society to enhance academic proficiency of the under-privileged children, especially with regard to Science and Mathematics. I wish to reiterate that I am very keen for you to start a similar project in the State of Punjab. We are fully committed to supporting your programs in Punjab with our State Government”

Chief Minister of Punjab, Hon. Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal

Government of Punjab, India

  • · “I am happy that your pioneering work in brightening the lives of so many children is being increasingly recognized. I wish you continued success in these noble endeavours.”
  • · Indian Ambassador to the U.S.A. Ambassador Hon. Ronen Sen
  • · “As a scientist my myself I am very proud of you (Dr. sat) and your program. Programs like yours generate employment in the high technology areas. We need to replicate your experience in other parts of the world.”

New Zealand Consul General Designate to the U.S.A. Ambassador Hon. Dr. Gina Lento

Director for New Zealand Trade & Enterprise & Life Sciences

  • · “I was delighted to know of this programme, which is benefiting young scientists from many countries of the world. I am particularly touched by its focus on nurturing talented scientists from disadvantaged backgrounds. The scholarship support, the opportunity to conduct a scientific piece of research right form high school and the opportunity to interact via video conferencing with potential young scientists from other parts of the world is as good an exposure as you could give a budding scientist. For students in many developing countries, this programme will go a long way in ensuring that scientific careers are not a preserve of privileged youth whose parents can afford to buy expensive education for them. I look forward to strong collaborative arrangements between our government and Harlem Children Society to expand the numbers of potential beneficiaries. Moreover, it should be possible for governments to guarantee graduates of the Harlem Children Society undergraduate and graduate studies' scholarship support so they can complete the journey Dr Sat Bhattacharya and his generous friends have made possible for them to start, namely, to be among some of the top scientists in the world.”

Hon. Dr. Kilemi Mwiria (PhD),

Minister of Parliament, Ministry of Higher Education, Science & Technology,

Government of Kenya

  • · “The HCS program started in Ethiopia for a hundred students in five different mostly marginalized and remote part of the country. When Dr. Sat Bhattacharya visited the country early this year to initiate the program, he made courtesy call on H.E Mr. Girma Wolde Giorgis, the President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. He also discussed aboutthe program with the Minister of Education and the President of the Southern NationsNationalities State and other high level officials of Ethiopia. The participatingstudents have been under taking research work on subjects which are important to theircommunity such as HIV/AIDS, prevalence of trachoma, traditional medicine, malariaepidemic, the problem of potable water, waste management the growing problem ofpopulation growth and the pressure on land, irrigation, etc. The students havebeen guided by their mentors and educators from universities and other researchinstitutions, who are engaged in research work. The mentors did a remarkable jobin familiarizing the students with research methodology and guiding them tocarryout their research work. The support given by school administration interns ofadditional facilities, such as computers and encouragement made by them to thestudents has been praiseworthy.

The students demonstrated not only their understanding of research methodology but also their concern of the problem of the community, during the HCS Science street fair. The street fair was carried out in Awassa, the regional capital of the Southern state, in Terech (Dawuro) and Bodity towns. The students from Alaba joined their fellow students in Awassa and presented their research finding jointly. In Awassa, the presentation took place in a big cultural hall where an estimated 300 invited guests consisting of government officials, members of civil societies, mass organization, University lecturers, friends and family of the students attended. Some students presented their research finding using power point while the majority used posters. The high level Government official who represented the president thanked the HCS and its Managing Director, Dr. Sat Bhattacharya, for initiating the program in Ethiopia, especially in the Southern State. He also appreciated the effectiveness of the program in helping improve the quality of education in the region. Traditional coffee ceremony was held and soft drinks were served at the end of the fair. The public radio aired the program to the larger public on the second day. The radio presentation aired the event in detail, which also helped popularize HCS activities in the region. The Awassa students’ street fair was so interesting that the school and the students agreed to repeat the whole program after a week for 750 high school students. The Street fair took place in Terech (Dawuro), in the same day with more or less the same program in the presence of the chief administrator and other Government officials of the Zone. The Administrator appreciated the program and thanked the HCS. The presentation of the students was liked not only by the attending public but also by their mentors and other educators. The faire took place also in Soddo (Wolaita). The street fair in Bodity will take place this weekend. In conclusion, the street faire was very successful. It familiarized the public with the activities of the Organization. Also, it helped build confidence of the participating students and motivated others to work hard and emulate the students in the Harlem Children Society program.”

Hon. Teruneh Zenna,

Ethiopian Ambassador to U.S.A.

  • · “I would very much like to be associated 
with the excellent work that you are doing. We are highly supportive of your programs.”

Dr. Lakshmi Narasimhan Balaji, M.B.B.S., DipNB, PhD,

Senior Programme Officer,

UNICEF, New York

  • · “It was wonderful to see how a wonderful collaboration between us to insure that our most talented students are prepared culturally and academically to guide future tribal decisions in areas of economic development and environmental responsibility, especially as they relate to Hopi life and our teachings regarding Masau’s gifts of corn and the planting stick. By our continuing to work together, I believe we can shape from this preliminary outline, these tentative thoughts, something of lasting value to those students who participate, who accept the responsibility of participation, and who, in time, will become an invaluable resource for all Hopi people.”

Vernon Masayesva,

Executive Director, BMT And

Member of Hopi Tribal Council,

Hotvilla, Hopi Reservation, Arizona

Other Supporters

  • · “Since 2004, The New York Community Trust has been a strong and committed supporter of the Harlem Children Society, a science research training program. ….The Trust has been thrilled with the Society’s accomplishments. The agency has consistently exceeded its programmatic obligations. It was featured in The Trust’s 2004 Annual Report, and Dr. Sat Bhattacharya, the Society’s thoughtful and caring executive director, is an inspiration to everyone in the youth development field.

Mr. Roderick Jenkins, New York Community Trust

  • · “Before investing in his (Dr Sat’s) program, I personally called several students and parents to get their “takes” on the experience. A young woman who entered Dr. Sat’s program, when she was in high school, and now is in a seven-year medical school program said, “This was an opportunity of a life time. Dr. Sat has always there for me and I would do anything to be there for him. If I the money, I would fund him…. She is on her way to also becoming a researcher in oncology, and had presented her research in California, Colorado, and Michigan, all because of contacts garnered through this program. Other students commented on their mentors, they were assigned as “real people, always willing to take time to stop and explain…. incredible teachers.” All gave credit to their successes in large part to their participation in this program.”

“Parents, many new immigrants, were so grateful for the opportunities their children were having and the impact these experiences were having on their families.”

“This is not a “hit and run” program”.

“We wholeheartedly support Dr. sat and the Harlem Children Society.”

Ms. Pat Goldman, Butler Foundation

  • · “We appreciate the high quality of the internship placements, the impact of the program on the students, and the critical importance of providing opportunities in the sciences for students in the New York City public schools.”

Christopher Bell, Pinkerton Foundation

HCS Students

  • · About the HCS Programs. . .
  • · “It was during high school that I was first introduced to the career within science, which I was determined to pursue. As a rising junior, my participation in the Harlem Children Society research program, gave me the opportunity to gain a hands on laboratory experience. I worked with Dr. Bhattacharya from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and was given the responsibility of testing for circulating tumor cells in patients with breast cancer, using a novel technique he discovered. I was continually amazed by the mechanisms in which cancer function. I became intrigued by the idea that my work could contribute to the scientific community, and that other people could use my work to develop their own theses. Working in this lab and learning the magnificence of science, instilled in me a passion for the scientific and medical endeavor.”

“In addition to doing the work behind the scenes, I was given the opportunity to see exactly how cancer physically affects people. I saw children and adults both very ill with cancer and other viral diseases. I saw cachexic patient’s wheelchair ridden and bald due to chemotherapy. I couldn't look at these patients without wanting to help them. This experience inspired me to be a future oncologist/scientist. This experience has allowed me to believe that we can conquer cancer as long as we work hard and dedicate our time to the greater understanding of the disease.”

“This experience helped me determine where my future goals were headed after graduating from college. Working with Dr. Bhattacharya and seeing his passion for both his profession and helping underrepresented students has motivated me to pursue a career in Oncology. My acceptance to the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey this November is going to allow me to pursue my dream. As a minority with very few major opportunities, I am grateful that I had the chance to excel is such a program that gave minorities the inspiration needed to overcome the adversities they face towards the path to success.”

Dr. Paolo Lizano, M D, Ph.D., HCS Class of 2001

  • · “I am proud to say that I was part of the HCS research family, because now I see that once you leave this program you will enter the world of science well educated and well prepared. I could not have asked for a better opportunity. Now I will stand out to the colleges of my dreams. And for that I am grateful.”

Ms. Alexandra Gonzales, HCS Class of 2007

  • · “The HCS program was an awakening. I’ve always been interested in science...and HCS has furthered this interest even more. This program helped me see that there are various branches of science.”

Ms. Anisha Gill, HCS Class of 2008

  • · “To many people Harlem Children Society is just another summer youth program for minority students who want to have a career in the scientific world, but to me, it is roadside assistance to my future. This is the hope that would guide me to achieving my dream goal in becoming a Doctor or researcher in the Neurological department.”

Mr. Basiru Lee Leigh, HCS Class of 2006

  • · “This program has definitely been a large part of my success at Stony Brook University, because I had research experience, which is what the school favored. In addition, the sciences were simple enough to understand in my courses with my backhand knowledge ……Later, I received a Bachelor degree in the biological Sciences and a completion of a minor in Child and Family Studies. Every one of my relatives was in joy, being the first generation graduate.”

Ms. Affan Kayser, HCS Class of 2005

  • · “One day, coming back from lab, I decided to head to Barnes & Noble and just read a few books. As I walked passed by the aisles, I saw a book the grabbed my eye named The Princeton’s Review Best 351 Internships. I pulled the book down and headed to the section called Best research laboratory internship. The first one on the list surprised me. It was an internship at an animal hospital that bragged on how students could work with animal blood and perform many procedures similar to what doctors perform on human patients. All I saw was animal blood, drizzling all over the page. I said to myself, I work at the top cancer hospital characterizing human blood cells from cancer cells. I felt proud and confident of myself that I decided to continue my work at one of the best hospitals out there. The Harlem Children Society internship should have been Princeton Review’s top internship in America.

“The HCS internship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital has been the most meaningful activity to me in my years at high school. I was working at the top cancer hospital in the world next to Cornell medical graduate students. My goal in the lab was to isolate cancer cells from blood samples that were extracted from cancer patients. I felt as if I was a doctor, performing procedures in characterizing, isolating, and detecting cancer cells in the human blood. My laboratory work has taught and provided me with the skills and responsibility to excel in life. It built my self-esteem, self-confidence, and leadership skills because I was a high school student working next to researchers and graduate students in a world-renowned laboratory. My service at the hospital made me a better person to succeed in life.”

“Everyday in lab, I never forget the moment I entered the lab room. As I walked right past the door with my lab coat on, the wind would blow against my lab coat making me look like a character in The Matrix or the show ER. Believe it or not, it was always my dream to wear a lab coat walking in everyday saying good morning to my colleagues. I have never regretted a moment in my life in completing an internship with Dr. Bhattacharya. I have enjoyed every single moment in lab and will never forget the memories that have once shined in my path in becoming a doctor one day.”

Mr. Rami Abdelghafar, HCS Class of 2004

  • · “My name is Kendra Begay and I am an eighteen year old Native American born for the Ta neeszahnii, the tangle clan, Kinyaa aanii, the towering house clan, Tabaaha, the water edge clan and Todichiinii the bitter water clan. My clans help me to distinguish who I’m related to and ensure that I don’t marry a relative. This is a part of the greetings for the Navajo’s first saying, “Ya at eeh” meaning “hello”.

I remember on a windy, brisk day, Dr. Sat Bhattacharya visited me and a fellow classmates during school on our campus at the Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy in Flagstaff, Arizona, for a two-hour lunch with our coordinator at the time. It was then I learned more about Harlem Children Society (HCS), its mission, purpose and why I was chosen to participate in this wonderful, exciting, and new society. I cannot thank HCS enough. It is a great pleasure and honor to present my project studying the trading relationships between plant hosts and fungal symbionts this year in Phoenix, Arizona to the American Indian Science and Engineering Society.

I first heard about HCS by my three female mentors at my high school, Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy (FALA). I was offered an internship with the local school and community garden, Flagstaff Youth Garden, and to work with HCS. I was thrilled and awestruck! First, the science project itself and actually going to Harlem to present my project! My first project dealt with traditional and medicinal plants mildly used today called Achillea millefolium also known as Western Yarrow. Through that experience, I learned about various medicinal plants, treatments and usage, side effects and the environment surrounding Western Yarrow. Phyllis Hogan, a local herbalist of Winter Sun Trading Co., in Flagstaff was an exceptional educator and freely gave me a bottle of Western Yarrow extract to help with my project. Kyrie Thompson was my mentor with plenty of knowledge in the environmental science field in which she helped with data information. Mindy Bell, the science teacher at FALA, was another mentor able to work one-on-one with me during the process and helped guide me through my project.”

Ms. Kendra Begay, Navajo, Flagstaff, Arizona

HCS Class of 2005,

  • · “I have been participating in HCS for the last three summers and what a three summers have they been! I got to learn about medical science, bioinformatics, and neurology while performing a hands-on experiment in that particular field. Those are things other students are simply just not offered. To think a boy from the Bronx would actually be working with the likes of doctors, scientist and researchers seems so unrealistic but HCS makes it possible. Because of the efforts of Dr. Sat and HCS staff, I have been able to enhance my knowledge of science while having fun and meeting others who share an equal interest for the subject. The program has helped me in a whole host of different ways. It has improved my researching skills and my ability to work with others to obtain a common goal. HCS has given me a confidence that I simply did not believe I had. Before I was shy and timid but after being mentored by confident and successful professional, not to mention having the support of my fellow colleagues, I was able to overcome that.”

“One of the program’s components are the lectures, they give the opportunity for all the students to exchange information and teach one another about the vast world of science. It gives everyone the chance to learn about things outside of their own respective experiment and thus become more knowledgeable about topics they might have not known even existed. The Annual HCS Science Street Fair, however, surpasses the lectures, because it allows us to teach the public about something new and thus spark an interest in them that would have otherwise not had happened. It is the ultimate coming together of students to help give back to their community and I am proud to be apart of it.”

Mr. Jordan Liz, HCS Class of 2005

  • · “Dear Sir, I appreciate your continued support. Sir you are a shoulder to lie in times of need and a pillow to lie on in times of joy. You took an indelible action to bring light to those with dark paths. You"ve acted as per your slogan. May god bless you. I qualified for medicine course and I will be joining university on late September. I am focused and I pray god to continue blessing you so as you can assist us to pursue our careers. Kenya is fine, cool and all is well. Hope you will come for another tour to Kenya. Hope to hear from you soon. Nice moments.”

Eric Karimi, HCS Class of 2008

Meru, Kenya

  • · “In HCS we learned computer science, we used DNA… and we learned how to program. We compared data. It was very interesting. It was the first time I had done hands-on research… Everything was such a good experience. I got accepted at Sigma Xi. I got to go to Texas and present my research... I learned a lot. I learned about mitochondria, DNA… I went into detail.”

Ms. Mai Abdel-Al, HCS Class of 2008

  • · “During my time at the Harlem Children Society, I have learned many things that I probably would not have ever learned about otherwise. The Harlem Children Society taught me about different the sciences through the weekly lecture series, I was even able to hear a lecture from a Nobel Prize winner! But, that’s not the only way that HCS has helped me, it has also helped me make friends and form connections with people who are like me and share similar interests with me.”

Ms. Katrina Boston, HCS Class of 2007

  • · “A person would hear about the amazing opportunity I was given and they would say you are so lucky, I say I’m blessed to have been given a chance in a lifetime to work with two outstanding doctors; Dr. Sat who gave me this opportunity and Dr. Farley my mentor. My name is Francine Cummings I am fifteen years old and a sophomore attending Purnell Swett High School in North Carolina. In 2006 I competed in the AISES science fair in Albuquerque New Mexico were I met Dr. Sat who gave me information about Harlem Children Society. During the summer, I worked on projects assigned by my mentor Dr. Farley a geologist at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

I knew a little about Geology but I never realized the importance of a Geologist and all that they do. In the course of my investigating, I discovered how valuable it is to know about ground water aquifers. Aquifers that are getting low and others may have high levels. Several are up and down at certain periods; a few areas of the county have a difference in the amount of ground water levels. Some levels are lower than others due to drought, factory usage, and natural causes. Were their once were large wells, which flowed freely, now the only thing that remains are holes that are a reminder of what once was. Working with Dr. Farley gave me a chance to gain knowledge in an area that was unfamiliar to me. My mentor Dr. Farley showed me how to locate different aquifers in my county how to read a map showing the different aquifers and how to graph them on a computer using the information gathered through research. This has been a great opportunity for me to accomplish something in my life even though it was an area in which I had no knowledge or intention to pursue.

I am very grateful for having this magnificent opportunity to work with Dr. Sat and Dr. Farley. During this period, I have learned a lot of new things about this field of science. This is something that I could only have dreamed of before I met Dr. Sat. He encouraged me to try a different area of science and helped me find a mentor near where I live. When I was having trouble with something I could e-mail him and he would respond with an answer. Though I live a long distance away, he assisted me as if I were close by. I hope in the future I have an opportunity to work on a different internship through Harlem Children Society.”

Ms. Francine Cummings, Lumbee Tribe, HCS Class of 2007

Purnell Swett High School, North Carolina

  • · “HCS has helped me more then I can possibly explain. I learned about the program through a friend of mine. I didn’t believe I had what it takes to get in. It seemed very hard and “college-like… I feel like I’ve learned so much and I am glad that my summer was not wasted. I’ve gained knowledge and that’s all I really need in life to succeed. I look forward to continuing with HCS during the school year.”

Ms. Alexis Fearon, HCS Class of 2007

  • · “In college, you have to interact with people. I wasn’t really a people person, but here (at HCS) I was forced to talk to people… I also learned to take notes during the lecture series. It also made it easier for me to approach my professors if I didn’t understand something.”
  • · Ms. Vivienne Cain, HCS Class of 2007
  • · “It’s really nice here. I love the community of it… a lot of great kids here. They (HCS) gave me good advice about going to college.”

Ms. Elena Feldman, HCS Class of 2009

  • · “Enrolling into Harlem Children Society gave me a totally new experience on the field of research. It helped me learn how much process and though goes into actually reaching a conclusion in a research topic. One summer could be nothing compared to the years of research our mentors have done. This internship also helped me realize what type of science I might want to go into which really helps since I am almost in college. The experiences and memories that I gained from this internship will always stay with me for life in determining my future all thanks to our mentors, guides, teachers, and peers who have helped all of us throughout this program.”

Ms. Sumaiya Tasneem, HCS Class of 2007

  • · “I am a living testimony to say how this program HCS has changed my life. I also thank God for this great experience and to Dr. Sat Bhattacharya for giving me this great opportunity to be part of the HCS program.”

Mr. Nixon R. Arauz, Class of 2007

  • · “Joining the Harlem Children Society has been a productive experience for me. The program made me more mature and gave me the discipline to focus my education. HCS has given me many opportunities and I am very thankful for it. My interest in the field of science increased because of this program.”

Mr. Justin Perez, HCS Class of 2005

  • · “I was extremely pleased when my school informed us about the Harlem Children Society internship. I had always dreamed of being able to work with doctors, especially at such a young age. I am so fortunate to be given this opportunity and I hope that this program continues to be filled with success. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be a mentor myself and be able to support this program the way it supported me.”

Ms. Glendis De Jesus, HCS Class of 2007

  • · “I really can't show my appreciation enough towards what this program has done for me. I will make everyone proud including Dr. Sat, the Harlem Children Society, my family, God and the rest of the world that I lay eyes on.”

Ms. Abby El-Shafei, HCS Class of 2007

  • · “Being in the Harlem Children Society has made me a more serious person when it comes down to my work. I am a smart student. I have a lot of potential and I have many good intentions. In school, I would always think that I'm worth much more than the grades I look at on my report card. Being a part of this program got me into a better drive in doing my work. Having to go to lectures every Tuesday and submitting papers by the end of the week got me into good shape. It was like exercise for me for when I go back to school. I have learned to take really good notes and take what I have recorded to make it into a decent paper. I felt like a scholar -working very hard and spending my time educating myself. When I go back to school in September I am ready face all the challenges and ace everything like I should always be doing.”

Ms. Sasha Harbajan, HCS Class of 2007

  • · “I cannot express how much this program has helped me and how it set me up for life. My whole life, I wished to be a doctor, and thanks to the Harlem Children Society Program, I’m now closer to achieving my dream. This program has also made me more confident in myself and in my knowledge in science. Words can not express how grateful I am to be part of such a program.”

Mr. Morkous Hanna, HCS Class of 2007

  • “I a m l o o k i n g f o r w a r d being a part of the Harlem Children Society forever..”

Ms. D i o n a J o h n s o n , HCS C l a s s o f 2 0 0 7

  • · “What I would like to say to the HCS is thank you. You have helped me in writing and doing research. You have also helped me become a better person and a hard worker. It was a lot of work, but I know that it will pay off, especially when I get into college. So thank you for helping me in my journey to accomplish my dreams.”

Mr. Brandon Small, HCS Class of 2007

  • · “Working with Dr. Sat and the Harlem Children Society was by far one of the most intellectually stimulating points of my life. For the past two years, my attention has been focused toward the fields of chemistry and biology. However, beside the information that I would receive in the classroom, I had no real understanding of the magnitude of work and dedication these fields required. Throughout my eight weeks I learned more than just the technical aspect of chemistry and biology, I learned about the passion and devotion many men and woman have for these scientific fields…. Overall the Harlem Children Society helped me grow as a person. I build my knowledge of science as well as people skills. Coming form a school where 99% of the student population is made up of Blacks and Latinos, I had never worked with people of any other ethnic backgrounds. Although I was able to write this short statement, words really cannot explain how much I’ve gained from this program. My journey and exploration of the sciences will not stop here. I plan to continue my journey at a university level and take everything my mentors and my peers have taught me.”

Ms. Tyreen Sims, HCS Class of 2005

“In the program, I’ve interned at Strang Cancer Research at the Rockefeller University. I was very dedicated and at the same time overwhelmed at what I have completed over the summer. I enjoyed very much in participating and being pa“Harlem “Harlem Children Society has done so much to put me into the real world of Chemistry. What amazes me more is seeing teenagers just like me being exposed to a real life experience and seeing how much it has grown within us. With what we are exposed to in this organization, we are taking that experience and gaining the knowledge needed to become successful and achieving the dream, we all hold. I enjoy very much in being part of the Harlem Children Society. I truly am very appreciative of what Dr. Bhattacharya has done for everyone and myself. This organization has helped me evolve as a person and see deeper insights of life. Being part of Harlem Children Society has made me proud. These past summers have been the most effective and influential experiences in my life. I gradually realize how much I have accomplished and learned from this experience. I’m looking forward in working with you next summer and many more to come. Thank-You so much for everything.”

Ms. Krystal Xylina Vera, HCS Class of 2003

  • · “The Harlem Children Society goal is to nurture the seeds of tomorrow with the knowledge of today. To be apart of this goal is nothing short of an honor to me. I have made lasting bonds with other students as we worked together to achieve in our research. Not to mention the connections I have made and the great people I’ve met just being apart of the organization; giving me the resources to accomplish my goals and dreams. This is the purpose of the Harlem Children Society, as it recognizes in communities around the world there are dreamers. All it wishes to do is light the way to those dreams, to create a better tomorrow.”

Ms. Louis Shackelford, HCS Class of 2003

  • · This whole experience has taught me many things. It has taught me discipline of work and the motivation you need to do what you have to do everyday. It has also taught me the importance of research. If we didn't have research, there would not be any medicine in the world to cure the many epidemics taking the world by storm today. Many people do not know or begin to comprehend the importance of doctors and medical researchers. I have learned that they are very important and that the world cannot live without them. I thank Dr. Sat from the bottom of my heart for giving not only me, but also city kids this opportunity.”

Ms. Tabitha Julien, HCS Class of 2005

  • · “The HCS Research Program is a very highly enriched program. I can honestly say that I came into this program with knowledge and walking out with ten times more knowledge than I came in with. I really enjoyed it. I will be looking forward to coming back next year (if I do not travel, which I love so much). This is one program I will be talking about and bragging to my friends for the whole school year.

“The various weekly talks were very very educational. I leaned a lot. I did not know that you could open up your own account at sixteen without parents consent at Chase Bank. I learned the difference between a savings account and a checking account. With a savings account you can only put money in. With a checking account, you can put money in and take money out. You have to write a check to take money out. I learned that diabetes.”

“People have to record write own what they eat daily on a sheet. I thought they only record what their pressure is after they take their blood. I knew that they take tablets.”

“ Through this experience to be in this program, I have crossed paths with a lot of good people. The experience was a very good and rewarding experience. I am very proud of myself being in this program. Thank you. I thank you once. I thank you twice. I thank you a million times.”

Ms. Nakimuli Francis, HCS Class of 2005

  • · “This experience will follow me positively in everything I do in life. The chance I was given to complete such an important task help me build even more confidence to do well in life. This experience has given me the chance to meet enlightened students that have similar interests as me. This program has supplied me with an ability to understand the work that is needed in order to succeed in anything you do. It could be respectfully said that this journey has and will forever help me in pursuing and completing my dream to study veterinary medicine.”

Ms. Greysi Tavarez, HCS Class of 2005

  • · “I had never ever imagined before that science could be so much fun and excitement, besides its importance. For the first time in my life I had to deal with something more serious and expensive than school equipment, namely: Lasers, CCD Spectrometers, Tungsten-Halogen Light Sources, Fibers, Cryostats, Liquid Helium, etc.”

“The research I was working on was about Silver Sulfide Nanoparticles. The thing is, there are about dozen different Nanoparticles, capable of treating infected cells, particularly tumors and cancer cells. Two of them are nanoshells and quantum dots. Nanoshells are able to absorb heat (Near Infrared Radiation (NIR)) rapidly, and thus kill the cells they are in. Quantum Dots can glow when excited with Ultraviolet Radiation and image cancer cells. Now, imagine a particle that will treat and image a sick cell simultaneously. One of the candidates was Silver Sulfide. This is the compound I’ve been working with for eight weeks. I had to learn how to prepare it, how to set up the test, what to measure, what to expect, etc, etc. Of course, without the help of my mentors I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I’d like to thank them once more for having patience to teach, to show, to explain. Thank you.”

“But what is the point of the excitement of doing research if you don’t have anyone you can share it with? Dr. Sat Bhattacharya and Harlem Children Society (HCS) provided this opportunity in weekly HCS seminars. Students, doing different researches at different institutions gathered two times a week at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and presented their work, i.e. what had they done already, what are their results/expected results, etc, etc. A lot of interesting things could be learned from these meetings, a lot of new friends could be met, friends with same/opposite interest, friends that could combine their knowledge in order to come up with something even more valuable that their first research project, although that first research project is most important thing in every scientists’ life. Sounds funny, huh? Anyway, I’d like to thank Dr. Sat and HCS for giving us the opportunity to share our excitement and to make new friends. Thank you too.”

Mr. Daniil Feldman, HCS Class of 2005

  • · “Dr. Sat Bhattacharya and the Harlem Children Society had provided me with unmatched and unprecedented insight into a world that was once foreign and illusive to my knowledge. The vast field of engineering and technology has become one of my prominent goals for exploration and research. As a first year participant of the 2004 summer internship program, I have learned several managerial, manual, and technical aspects of mechanical engineering. My experiences at the Stevens Institute of Technology have brought me closer to discovering my true passion and future career course.”

Ms. Folasade Akeloko, HCS Class of 2004

  • · “…It’s an opportunity…. And when opportunity comes, you have to take it. Dr. Sat has taken me like a son, and I feel that’s what each and everyone should do for one another. He’s an extraordinary individual.”

Mr. Light Amedzekor, HCS Class of 2005

About the HCS Experience of International Scientific Conferences. . .

  • · “The Sigma Xi Conference was an extremely interesting, fun, and an important memory for me. It was a chance for me to showcase my work that I had done during the summer of 2010. I was surprised that the conference was for older individuals—but yet, I was proud to be with such an amazing group of scientists. The HCS students that I traveled with were fun and friendly. I did not expect to have so much in common with these students—but I realized we shared the passion for science.”

Mr. Jim Chan, HCS Class of 2010

  • · “Presenting my work at the International Sigma Xi Scientific Research Conference has been a great experience; I enjoyed every minute of it. Throughout the world, people need to learn and understand the importance of science. I was really amazed by the amount of people that came to our street fair and parade…. We had the chance to teach everybody about science and how great it is…. I was proud of my work and excited of making my mentor and the university proud. I had a great time at the parade and I got to learn from my peers and teachers…. I was amazed to witness how all the Harlem Children Society students got along with each other. They all enjoyed and felt proud about their work and how they learned and grew as a student. This summer and the science street fair have helped me mature as a high school student and have shown me to take responsibility in my work. This has shown me the importance of honoring my mentors and those that have helped me in this wonderful process.”

Ms. Chavelis Rosario, HCS Class of 2009

  • · "I love HCS! Dr. Sat and the staff are awesome. I know they are so hardworking. Thanks for the trip to Florida for the Sigma Xi Research Conference. It was SO great! I loved it!!"

Ms. Sasha Harbajan, HCS Class of 2006

  • · “The conference ended just as it started, in a huge rush of excitement, as we danced and dined. All in all, I am glad I came to the Sigma XI conference and gained the experience of presenting on a larger scale and experiencing what takes place during a science conference. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to do the same another year.”

Ms. Dacia Simon, HCS Class of 2007

  • · “I feel that if I did not attend this conference I would not be able to really know my fellow HCS members and see how cool and caring the HCS staff was. Especially seeing everyone having fun at the dinner dance. I guess I can call HCS as a second family. The Sigma Xi Conference helped me gain experience, friends, and an appreciation for being apart of this program. Thank you so much for choosing me to attend the Sigma Xi Conference and allowing me to participate in the Harlem Children Society.”

Ms. Roslyn Joinvil, HCS Class of 2006

  • · “Having attended the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Conference for the past three years has given me a deeper insight on what a true science environment consists of. This year going to Texas really opened my eyes to what I should aspire in the coming years since I am now a real college student. The past two years were all about getting to know new people in HCS, learning to grow within that family, and experiencing what the scientific world may have to offer to me. But now, I sincerely felt that this program has prepared me to go out to the scientific community by myself and seek a research lab that I would seriously become interested in… Going to Texas, this year especially showed me how diverse, the scientific community was in terms of race, age, and personality. … Overall, the Sigma Xi conference for this year was to say at the least an eye opener. It showed me that even though being in HCS has put me ahead of the game in learning how to work in a laboratory, there is still an immense amount left to learn which keeps me coming back for more.”

Ms. Sumaiya Tasneem, HCS Class of 2009

  • · “On a personal level the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Conference made me gain confidence and the ability to interact with students and judges. On a scholastic level, the conference motivated me to keep learning and to achieve my goals. In terms of my connection with HCS, I now consider HCS as my family. I appreciate the attention the staff paid to our needs and the way they took care of us.”

Ms. Carla Perez, HCS Class of 2009

  • · “From flying on an airplane to staying in a resort hotel to riding in a hummer limousine to competing against graduate students, they were all amazing experiences that can only become true in my dreams; people would wish to be in my shoes…”

Mr. Xavier Marrero, HCS Class of 2006

  • · “When they called up two fellow HCS members to the stage to be photographed and given heavy bronze medallions, I was so ecstatic and happy. As a first year Sigma Xi competitor, I can say it was a wonderful and exciting experience… I was taught how to hold an intellectual conversation with scientists and researchers based on their field of study. During my spare time, I was able to take a look around the conference room and noticed the amazing projects people actually spent their summer involved with. Overall, the Sigma Xi poster competition was interesting and life changing. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. It was unforgettable, fun, amazing and just altogether WOW…”

Ms. Devika Briglall, HCS Class of 2008

About the HCS Science Parade & Street Fairs & Festivals. . .

  • · “In this parade we, the students, got the opportunity to show case our work. We marched the streets of Harlem and spread the word about science. We attracted interested spectators who wanted to know about the research that we have done… It was my first parade and being part of it and getting the chance to share my work was an even bigger blessing.”

Mr. Judith Nnah, HCS Class of 2008

  • · “… It really wouldn’t be HCS with out some sort of celebration, so throughout the day dancers, rappers, singers, and musicians from all different cultures stepped up to the HCS stage and performed... Well-educated and enthusiastic judges passed through the projects surveying, questioning, and grading the science research projects… As much work that all this was it really helped out in the long run. I am sure all the students including me got a lot of experience in how to respond and explain your project to the judges or critics in general… While all of this was taking place students were also becoming acquainted with HCS students they were unfamiliar with and of course research projects that they discovered to be quite interesting. With all of the events taking place the HCS students held it together and the HCS staff really helped finish off a great summer experience.”

Ms. Soberjot Singh, HCS Class of 2009

  • · “That day it didn't matter where you come from because we all came together. The street fairs helped me open up to the community and give back what they gave me.”

Ms. Anais Rodriguez, HCS Class of 2009

About the HCS Boat Cruise. . .

  • · “The cruise has kept true to its aim, which was to promote group unity and cooperation. I was able to meet new people from other groups and my fellow group members and I were also able to get closer. We were able to work together to create a presentation that was both enjoyable and informative. I learned many things from the skits and games from other groups as well. The cruise showed spectacular places near Manhattan such as the Statue of Liberty and Elis Island. I was able to enjoy this with other students. There was dancing and people were able to communicate with each other as well as with the HCS staff. Overall, it was a great experience that I hope to see continue in the future”.

Ms. Mashkura, HCS Class of 2006

Parents & Guardians

  • · “Many years back when I was looking for opportunities for my daughter in high school, Princess, I stumbled across this program that has since changed our lives. Not only my daughter who then was in high school sent to do research at NASA laboratories, and continued the work for several years, but, the program helped her get a full scholarship at Carnegie Mellon University. She graduated with a double major in Biomedical and Material Science & Engineering. She is continuing her PhD at Cornell University. Today this program has opened many doors for my daughter, making her life better and us. Thank you Dr. Sat for changing our lives.”

Mother of HCS student, Princess Kara Parker Smith, HCS Cass of 2005

  • · “It is a very special program because it is one of the rare ones that connects interested students to the real world of science research. With such an early training, it will be much easier for them t o contribute in scientific advancements in the future. I think the HCS is a very good opportunity for teenagers and I know that the internship will be a worthwhile experience.”

Parents of HCS students Mojolaoluwa and Oluwanifemi Mabayoje, both HCS Class of 2008

“The HCS program is challenging and hardworking. My child needs to buckle her seat belt and get ready for the ride! The HCS program seems as though it will help our children get focused in science and help them shape themselves in the field they are interested in.”

Mother of HCS student Minerve Delille, HCS Cass of 2008

  • · “I think it’s a great program that helps children from around the world learn a lot from doing research with educated professors. It gets them ready for college and it helps them get into one of the most prestigious colleges… This experience will change my daughter’s life. In a way, it will also change mine. Thanks to all!”

Mother of HCS student Neslihan Kalayci HCS Class of 2008

  • · “It has opened a lot of doors for her…. With her college, experience and the education she’s had here it is really pushing her to a level that… sometimes it seems that I can’t believe that she’s at that level (sic). Although she’s out of college, she’s still pursuing… Harlem Children Society because it has helped her so much over these four years…. This year, I didn’t think of her coming back, but she insists that she wants to be back…. I know what she is made of, and I think she has a lot to offer the young people in Harlem Children Society.”

Mother of Vivienne Cain, HCS Class of 2007

  • · “It’s pretty unusual for a girl to put herself in mechanical engineering. For me, I was surprised when I heard about it for the first time, but this is my daughter. She wants this.”

Mother of Elena Feldman, HCS Class of 2009

  • · “Keep meaning to let you know what a GREAT event it was! You did such a wonderful job. Parade was terrific! The students' projects were fun to view, and the entertainment was really tops! I was amazed! But I guess I shouldn't be… Those kids are so lucky to have you… And thanks for letting me contribute and be a part of it.”

HCS Science Street Parade & Fair Guest

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