Philadelphia Mission



United Kingdom

About Us

Philadelphia Mission is a UK registered Charity, working in rural and isolated villages in Africa. We are all Unpaid volunteers. the Founder/Director is Trevor Irwin.

Our work empowers the extreme poor farmers and villagers in Isolated and rural villages, to Grow good quality crops, adn where possible clean water.

In tunga/Zuga village and surrounding villages , Rickets has disabled and crippled many children. This is due to lack of Vitamin D. Therefore we help the villagers to grow more food and better quality.

This in turn gives them Protien, Vitamins and other nutriments, so they can become healthy. Please see website: for more information.

We are a christian organisation, working with all people, from all backgrounds and religious belifes. We believe in demonstrationg Gods love to them by meeting their needs as best we can.

100% of all money raised goes toward these poor. We don't receive a salary, and with the help of good friends, Charity overheads are covered.

Please helo us to help these suffering people.

Please also visit our Art site at: