Raffle Rescue, Inc Pet Food Assistance Program

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About Us

Established in 2009 to provide Pet Food Assistance to the residence who have pets of Pasco County, FL who are struggling to keep them and may consider surrendering them to one of the many overcrowded shelters where their days are limited.

We are the first in our State to begin Pet Food Drives to help us in our mission, we work with and we help others such as:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • The Volunteer Way
  • Other organizations related to animal welfare
  • Childrens Organzations such as Kids First
  • Local Church Food Banks

Engaging our local community is a big part of our picture too - our team speaks at local elementary schools in our area to educate our young population about becoming a proper pet parent or if they already have an animal familymember how to help out caring for them. We encourage our young minds to read to their pets, whether it's a domestic friend or farm friend they have in their family, animals love to be talked to, so reading is great to do, makes homework less work.

Our organization is part of The Florida League of Humane Voters, we are very active in striving to create much-needed strong laws that protect not just domestic animals but all animals we share life with on our planet.

Since Raffle Rescue does not have a physicalrescue as most traditional ones do, we do not have those limitations of walls and cages, so our assistance can reach far beyond those limits to help more animals in need. That is why it is so important to help to keep animals in the homes they already have, their humans are providing them with a shelter and love we help with feeding them so they stay where they belong. Many people will feed their animals before they feed themselves, we have seen it happen ourselves right in front of our own eyes !

Please join us be a piece of our puzzle to create the big picture where, we are striving to put together a better future where thousands of animals can remain with their loving families, experiencing joy, happiness and love as all families should.

Our MISSION: "Saving Animals by Keeping them in the Home they already have!"©

Helping Animals One Life at a Time.