The Children's Museum Tanga-Tanga

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About Us

The Children's Museum Tanga-Tanga is a place where innovative teaching methods are put into practice.

It offers kids different ways to learn, fostering the development of their creativity and their utmost potential.

We offer children the following:

  • a privileged space for the treatment of topics related to children and the infant population;
  • special activities alongside the exhibitions such as workshops and extension programs;
  • a center of interest and expectation, recreation and diversion for children, therefore filling a void of similar activities found in the city;
  • a center for environmental awareness.

The Museum provides a space that promotes and provides incentive for creativity in learning, through play and in function of a child's integral and harmonious development.

The principal points of reference, "intercultural dialogue" and the "interpretation of the environment," in interaction with other children and the exhibitions, will stimulate and incorporate both logical and magical ways of thinking.