Hablando de Filantropia (Talking about Philanthropy)

About Us

MISSION To educate about philanthropy by being an agent of change that inspires people to become proactively involved in philanthropy, volunteerism and/or community service.

VISION To be recognized in Puerto Rico and internationally as an example of a succesful radio program for philanthropic topics.

A society where philanthropy is valued in a different way, and where each person discovers the cause that he or she is most passionate about and collaborates with:

  • Money
  • Services
  • Tme
  • In-kind donations


  • Obtain positive and active attitude changes towards Philanthropy and the Third Sector
  • Obtain more radio participation with a new type of radio programming
  • Be a "voice" for Non-profit organizations
  • Identify and promote new non-profits and those that are not easily recognized
  • Aid and train other Non-profits in maximizing their presence on the internet
  • Promote all types of events, campaigns, and philanthropic activities; where the representatives can also fortify and create alliances