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About Us

Family-to-Family, Inc., a national grassroots hunger relief organization, links American families with "more" to impoverished American families with "profoundly less". Once every month donor families either shop for groceries to provide 7 dinner-type meals (nonperishable foods only) for the family in need F-to-F has matched them to, or supplies F-to-F with funds to purchase groceries for their "family in need". F-to-F purchases groceries at discounted rates from a constellation of large chain supermarkets or from FeedingAmerica food banks with funds provided monthly by our donor familes (those with "more"). Receiving families pick up the box packed especially for them from our local community partner who has vetted the families in his/her community in need of F-to-F's help. We partner in 23 communities across the USA with schools, churches, community centers and small food pantries serving some or our nations poorest citizens.

In an effort to create "possibilities" F-to-F encourages donors and recipients to connect and communicate when possible and comfortable. We suggest donors reach out to the family we have linked them to with a letter.....and often sponsored families do write back. We hope that by creating a bond of friendship between families who would otherwise never have had the opportunity to connect lives will be changed, ever so slightly. Currently, F-to-F provides over 15,000 meals each month to over 2500 moms, dads and kids in 15 states across the USA provided for by over 2000 donors.

For families with children who are eager to make a difference...F-to-F has a a number of programs: "Pantry Partners", Adopt Your Local Food Pantry and help keep their shelves stocked, "Birthdays in a Box", "Books For Life". "The Breakfast Club, Kids Can!!" and "Best Dressed Babes" are all great projects for kids, schools, scouts, religious organizations etc. Kids learn about "living empathy" as they help to shop and pack , deliver and unload at their neighborhood food pantry, or join our " One Book At A Time" Program. These valuable, hands-on ways to teach children empathy and compassion truly embed the notion of giving into the fabric of our children's lives.

Volunteers are needed to Adopt Their Neighborhood Food Pantry and join our Pantry Partners Network, organize local groups and schools to run our Kids Can! Food Drive programs as well as The Breakfast Club Food Drive program. We are also seeking help with media relations and public relations. We are a young grassroots organization that has rocketed into national prominence in a very short time. Please help us expand our reach to even more American families in need by joining our community of givers.