Bugoye Children Advocacy & Life Planning Organization. (BUCALPO)

Mukono, C, Uganda |
Joined in March 2015

About Us

Our Mission is to empower orphans and vulnerable children in the our communities by providing them with a better formal and informal education and giving the early childhood skill development programs to help them build strong minds, and making them a safe place to be active in order to become responsible citizens in their future.
BCALPO Stands for:Bugoye Children Advocacy and Life Planning Organization  

The organization offer services in three different ways:

  • An orphanage home for orphans and vulnerable children in this area.
  • A primary school offering education to all children this community and its surrounding who cant afford school fees and distances plus the Orphans and Vulnerable children.
  • Community education to youth, young people and women who drop out of school and emphasize them to continue with their education or see further tutorial trainings.

Community Background

 Bugoye is a rural village in Mukono district of the eastern central part of Uganda. The village is about 40 kilometres from the Kampala city centre situated in the background of horticulture environment.

Poverty has played a big role as for now successful people from in this community are counted on just human fingers.

Students drop out of school so many reasons like: poverty, long distances without any means of transport especially for the girls who cant drive man power bicycles, death of parents due to HIV/ AIDS and so many other illnesses like fever and other STDs

The nearest primary school from this community has been about 5 kilometres from the area with a tough highly poor murram road to the school.  Children used walk this long distance everyday and some are still doing the same to get to the school.

The road full of high speed Bodaboda motorcycles helping working class people to get to the nearest taxi stage which becomes a risk for the children in this community

BUCALPO was established in this community in 2014 by community members who felt concerned about all these issues affecting children in their community.

The project started by building an orphanage block to host children who have no where to stay especially the orphans, vulnerable and abandoned children.

In 2014 the project also set up a Nursery and primary school that helped 45 children in the first year.

Currently the school which is in its temporary wooden buildings helps 80 children and runs Nursery, grade R to Grade 4. We hope that every year as children promotes to other grades we shall add up a grade up to grade 7.

Our Aim is to make sure that all children in this community get a better education foundation from primary school with no effects of transport, food, love and care. Our staffs are committed and love their work.  

Feeding for the school has been an easy solution for us since the project owns a farm garden where we cultivate food not for sale but for the children to eat so that they attend class when they are stable.

Our future farming project if a fish pond which will cut the costs of buying fish from fish vender who buy from a 30 kilometres lake coast and sell for profit. We are so sure that the community will benefit much in this project because the children who will go through this project will be able to get access and career guidance for a better future and in their education. It will also develop the community since the community youth develop their minds, it will be up to them to put effort to transform their community into a better place to stay.

Our Area of Focus are the orphans and vulnerable Children, Young people, youth and women are all being victims of being uneducated.  

Our program includes creating opportunities that benefits all beneficiaries in their own categories. The projects and programs that can develop minds of young people in this area so they can settle and do their best with a dream for their future education and a brighter future. We shall always focus on children who at school, girl child education, youth and children school dropouts, youth who are still in school by protecting them and keeping them focused on their education and getting involved within their decision making about their career.    

BCALPOis a community service organization founded to protect, develop, and provide service to young people and meet their needs and interests through, comforting, assisting and supporting those with special needs, infected and affected by Poverty, vulnerability and different illnesses that live children without help and care and those who have become orphans due to the loss of one or both of their parents.

Many Uganda people are considered to be living in poverty and most of these people are below the age of 35 which is a development age. Due to the fact that many children fail to finish school because of poverty and many other finish but fail to get jobs because of not having enough education. Other get involved in marriages because of the advantage that food and land is available so they can manage a family at teenage ages.  Poverty has a direct effect on people’s lives, as poor people have little access to dreaming of better lives which forces them to keep their children home keeping animals, farming and cultivating food  and go fishing for own consumption.

Our Aim is to offer a promising brighter education future, Education on Healthy Nutrition and a good shelter for a better life for all those children without parents, motivation and career support to all teenagers and youth to make sure they make better choices in their lives from the young age and many other very important activities to stop the cause of distress and poverty in our communities.

Major obstacles to children in this community in Mukono district is that children learn to fish when they are under 10 years with parents since the community is on the showers of lake Victoria. So survival, development, protection and other basic needs becomes a problem which results in dropping education for hunting food with their parents.

Our programs target to also educate parents on the use of education and the outcome of an educated child.

The vulnerability in our community can be relieved by providing love, care and access to all basic initials in life including Food, Health and sanitation and Education.  Vocational trainings and life skills, Emotional/psychosocial support, counseling, Recreations, Religious support, Scholastic materials, beddings, utensils, transport to health units, a roof over their head and Education that work as a safety net in the Childs life. Without supporting and empowering children, youth and orphans in our community, in the future they will have a bigger hope to live as beggars on the streets in developed town in Mukono and Kampala or anywhere in the world they might go while seeking for help.

Our Mission is to empower orphans and vulnerable children in the our communities by providing them with a better formal and informal education and giving the early childhood skill development programs to help them build strong minds, and…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Volunteering
  • Women


  • Bugoye Village, Ntenjeru Subcounty,
    Mukono District
    Mukono, C 256

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