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About Us

The Children of the Sahara Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity whose mission is to improve the lives of the nomadic women and children living in the environs of the Sahara Desert while having minimal impact on the culture and heritage of the nomads. We, the founders of Sahara Children, come from diverse backgrounds and experience and firmly believe that we can benefit the nomadic women and children through our professional and personal relationships and subject-matter expertise.

Sahara Children’s mission is to support the advancement of the women and children of the Sahara Desert through the promotion of local human development efforts through the following activities:

• association and cooperation with governmental and non-governmental entities that provide programs and projects designed to benefit nomadic women and children, including projects for education and basic life skills, along with initiatives that improve the livelihood and opportunities of the women and children;

• fund-raising (through art, cultural, and sponsorship events) to support such programs and projects;

• share information on the culture and heritage of the nomads to encourage understanding and raise awareness.

• Sahara Children is a non-religious and non-partisan organization.