Belady-an Island for Humanity

  • District of Columbia


1440 G Street Northwest
District of Columbia
United States

About Us

Belady is an organization that seeks to make the world more humane. It is adaptive to the requirements of the time and place.

In 2014 we started working with street children in Cairo, but the Egyptian state later cracked down on NGOs including our own.

Now, from our office in D.C. we seek to support young victims of police fabrication Egypt. Currently there are hundreds of children charged with and detained for alleged political crimes.

Left to their own devices, and to feeling alone in an unjust world, the children become easy prey in the hands of violent extremists. Unless they are fully supported, and unless they can find humanity around them, they will threaten the very fabric of any society. With personal support, with feeling loved and cared for by humanity, and with proper coaching, these children will become healthy and constructive members in society. Thus, Belady will work for their release and reintegration.