River Crossing Playback Theatre

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About Us

River Crossing Theatre is an ensemble in the lower Susquehanna River Valley, trained to build community through the dramatic portrayal of real-life stories. Through the art of improvisational forms like Playback Theatre, audiences participate in creating a new story that recognizes and celebrates both the differences and the common ground in our communities. Formed in 2007 to serve the Healing York Initiative (York, PA), the ensemble draws from members primarily from Lancaster, York and Dauphin.

Playback Theatre is an improvisational form in which members of the audience tell stories and watch them played back on the spot. As the stories come alive on stage, audience and players become entwined in a community dialogue that is both uniquely personal and powerfully universal. Often performed around social themes, the performances and workshops of Playback Theatre can be a vital catalyst for both challenging and celebrating the life of community groups, religious groups, professional groups, family gatherings and more.