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About Us

Founded as a nondenominational church by Overseer Shun Williams, Standard Of Holiness Temple Fellowship International consists of a diverse, intimate and powerful body committed to living, loving, and sharing the incorruptible and flawlessly applicable Word of God. Our goal is to minister God’s Word and communicate His love in such a way that everyone who comes in contact with us will experience the true manifestation of God’s presence and will realize the practicality of applying His word to their daily lives. To accomplish this goal, we practice being “doers of the word, and not hearers only” (James 1:22). Quickened by the Holy Ghost, Standard Of Holiness Temple Fellowship International will re-establish this generation as the next disciples of Jesus Christ, as we accomplish our global endeavor of Restoring A Nation Endangered.

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU VISIT Standard Of Holiness Temple Fellowship International is a biblical model of God’s Kingdom here on earth. Since we operate faithfully in accordance with biblical principles, everything we do is in concurrence with God. During worship services at Standard Of Holiness Temple Fellowship International one will not find “church as usual,” for we do not seek “usual” results. Instead, we seek first the heart and kingdom of God, and the results are miraculous and supernatural. Pastor Williams teaches Total-life Prosperity that is prosperity in every area of a person’s life, primarily beginning with one's spiritual well-being, and also one's mind, body, family, money, etc. Every message delivered by God via Pastor Williams is a prophetic rhema. In other words, there is a specific word of God for a specific incident and a specific time, to a specific person for a specific task. Therefore, the spirit of every teachable person in the congregation is edified at every service. Everyone benefits!!! Everyone who applies what is taught prospers. Come and discover the Word that God has for YOU!!!