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The Woodrow Wilson School offers three degree-granting programs. The School teaches individuals to create, implement, analyze, and interpret public policy in domestic and international arenas. The Master in Public Affairs (M.P.A.) program trains professionals who are able to deal with complex public policy problems. In this program, students are taught sophisticated analytic techniques, making them adept at management and incisive in analysis. Their preparation also allows them to recognize the wide range of cultural values inherent in public affairs. Each M.P.A. candidate selects a policy field in which to specialize. These four fields are sufficiently broad to accommodate the study objectives of most students. The School's four fields of concentration are: International Relations, International Development, Domestic Policy, Economics and Public Policy. The Master in Public Policy (M.P.P.) program is designed to meet the needs of rising leaders in the public service professions, including government agencies and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and internationally. This one-year program for mid-career professionals provides rigorous on-campus training in quantitative reasoning and policy analysis, preparing degree candidates to return to their careers and assume leadership positions in an increasingly complex public service environment. A minimum of seven years of public or nonprofit professional work experience is required. The School also offers a small program (typically enrolling 3 to 6 students each year) leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Public Affairs. The Ph.D. program produces sophisticated analysts able to apply research skills to careers in public affairs and to further the state of knowledge about a broad range of policy problems. Their varied career paths include positions in academia, public and private agencies, and research organizations.
Some students want to combine the study of public policy with the study of a related discipline. To accommodate these students, the Woodrow Wilson School offers certificates and dual degree programs. Joint degree and certificate options include: Public Policy and Law (M.P.A./J.D.); Certificate in Demography, Certificate in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (STEP), Certificate in Urban Policy, Certificate in Urban Policy and Planning, and a Certificate in Health and Health Policy. The School may permit joint degrees in such disciplines as natural or applied sciences, business, environmental planning, and public health with the cooperation of other institutions or other Princeton departments outside the social sciences. Students interested in pursuing one of these options must submit in writing an academic rationale for the particular program proposed. Joint programs ordinarily shorten by two semesters the length of time it would take to complete the two degrees separately.

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