Land Conservation and Advocacy Trust, Inc.

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About Us


The Land Conservation and Advocacy Trust is a non-profit organization seeking exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. Our mission is to preserve open spaces and natural resources and to promote smart-growth ideals which aid in conservation. LCAT promotes the ideals of conservation and preservation in order to safeguard wildlife habitat, scenic views, wetlands, sensitive watershed parcels, forests and other valuable open space in rural, suburban and urban settings, in its natural state, so that all may enjoy and appreciate these lands in perpetuity. We pursue our mission through:

•Advocacy as Amicus (friend of the Court) litigants in appeals where land conservation and smart-growth development ideals are impacted. •Legal Action on behalf interests that would otherwise be un- or under-represented where land conservation and smart-growth ideals are threatened or can be promoted. •Provision of funds necessary for the urgent purchase of land for preservation or conservation easements when local land trusts cannot react quickly enough.

We pursue these goals in order to: • Preserve scenic areas and view corridors, wildlife habitats and fragile ecosystems; • Protect agricultural uses; and • Enhance integration and access to public lands. We are also working diligently to: • Preserve and restore natural areas; • Preserve water resources in their natural state; • Protect flood plains; Utilize non-urban land for spatial definition of urban areas; • Utilize non-urban land for spatial definition of urban areas ; • Preserve land for its aesthetic or recreational value; and • Contain the threat of urban and suburban sprawl.