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About Us

OUR VISION. Founded by Carol Buckley in 2009, Elephant Aid International (EAI) envisions a world in which society respects elephants and provides environments in which they can not only survive but flourish. Elephants who live in semi-wild and wild environments would be free of human harassment and exploitation; elephants in captivity would live as humane and natural a life as possible.

WHY EAI? EAI melds knowledge, experience and vision to bring fresh new ideas to the table. Our agenda is simple: improving the lives of elephants and the people who live and work with them. Our work brings together biologists, mahouts, scientists, researchers, veterinarians, educators, caregivers, progressive zoo professionals and elephant enthusiasts from all around the world.


–-Improve the conditions of captivity in which elephants live and eliminate abusive training and management.

–Demonstrate alternatives to the use of chaining as a form of management.

–-Train mahouts in positive management techniques so they can better care for and manage their elephants.

–-Improve the social status of mahouts through education and job advancement.

–-Remove begging elephants from the streets of Asia by finding alternative livelihoods for mahouts and their families.

–-Facilitate the establishment of lifetime care centers (sanctuaries).