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About Us

Who is MiniDonations and what does it stand for?

At MiniDonations our mission is to Revolutionize Philanthropy. We do this by making acts of kindness - however small - accessible to anyone every time they shop in their community. By providing opportunities to round-up every day purchases (“Give the Change”) and give in such bite-sized chunks, we bring everyone, regardless of age or income, closer to the causes they love.

MiniDonations creates a community where every little bit not only helps: it changes the world! Additionally, we simplify giving with an online platformthat meetsall donor needs in a single place. With, philanthropists big and small can research and give to causes and get giving history, reports, and a single tax receipt.

We are theworld's only social network for good,accelerating philanthropy byconnecting individuals, non-profits, and businesses together to make millions of tiny donations add up to a world of change.

Would that actually make a difference?

Yes! Small contributions from everyday people make the biggest difference in charities globally. In the United States alone, 75% of the $300 billion donated to charity every year comes from individual donors. Every time a person gives, no matter how small the donation, they join a global community of giving. MiniDonations connects the individuals in this community together. In fact, since studies show that over 80% of donors give impulsively, the more opportunities people have to give, the more they will. More simply, our mission, when deployed nationally, forecasts increasing charitable giving by1%, or$2.3 billion,over the next 10 years!

What makes MiniDonations unique?


  • Are a non-profit, serving non-profits
  • Believe that 100% of donations should go directly to charity
  • Give donors choice in supporting non-profits they love
  • Empower donations to any non-profit in the United States
  • Plan on self-sustainability through paid services and subscriber contributions
  • Provide tools for helping individuals and businesses support and discover great causes

What have you accomplished so far?

Our goal of building a proof of concept for validating our model and mission has exceeded expectations.In their first 80 days MiniDonations processed $80,000 in donations. In 2012,Our first retail partner, Backwoods, is accepting donations in each of their nine U.S. stores. Hotels for Hope is donating $2 per room night booked to charity. Descuento Libre, Crowdtilt, United Way of the Capital Area, Phame Factory, and others are further extending our reach.

MiniDonations now expects to generate over $1 million in donations from 10,000 donors in 2012. We anticipate that our “Give the Change” program alone will reach $70 million by 2017.

How can I help?

As a start-up nonprofit, MiniDonations has so far been run completely by volunteers, outstanding partners and donations from a few well-wishers. We are where we are because of them.

To help us achieve our aspiring 2012 goals, we have identified 4 Key Areas where we will need ongoing and increasing support from our entire community, and from you:

  1. Donating Through MiniDonations- From small round up donations, to even larger contributions, our goal is for every member of MiniDonations to contribute financially to our successful support of non-profits.
  1. Fundraising –You, your family, friends, and business network are all potential donors.
  1. Volunteering- We are currently looking for resources in Software Development, Business Development, Communications, and Marketing. If you have other skills, let us know. We’re always looking for passionate do-gooders!
  1. Support and Encourage us- Continue to provide moral and entrepreneurial support. We serve the non-profit community, but we would not exist without the continued support of our community.