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About Us

A professional network and fellowship Goodwill Ambassadors from around the world who have come together cooperatively to form and develop a special international social enterprise that is both a non-profit organization and an international cooperative.

Currently our team is active in the development of model projects to further develop and establish public benefit programs as philanthropic endeavors with goodwill missions that deliver aid and develop isolated marginal communities living in poverty to become independent, autonomous, and self-sufficient. The goal of our project is to capacitate people with knowledge to help them discover new horizons.

Originally we came together to establish to develop and promote social responsibility and social network ettiquette in 2009. Since then Globcal has reformed to develop a charitable non-profit 'cooperative international non-governmental organization' or CiNGO. Since we were founded our organization has been developing of a new types of diplomacy and civil conduct involving protocol and best practice appropriate for open-forums and social media.

By 2011 we had formed the organization as an LLC incorporated in Washington, DC; and then cancelled our affiliation under the authority of the state to follow the practices and procedures to redevelop internationally in 2013. This year we began our reformation as a independent international cooperative separate of states and intergovernmental organizations to form a treaty-based cooperative foundation and commission that is further based on our individual members through our transparency and verification policy promoted online.

Our reformation involves our mutual affiliation and fellowship as a cooperative funded and supported by its members who are each individual goodwill ambassadors and advocates of world issues working independently, for states, cities, governments, other organizations, and for intergovernmental organizations like the UN and the WNO. Our collective union is called Globcal International!

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