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The mission of Aslan Youth Ministries is, through God's love, to effect permanent change in the hearts and minds of at risk youth in America and Haiti.

Aslan's philosophy is that meaningful and permanent change only takes place through the development of one's character and by learning to live the basic principles of right and wrong upon which civilization is based. Learning to function as a productive member of society means learning to respect oneself and one's fellow man. Each Aslan program is designed for long-term results that empower youth with the tools needed to live meaningful lives.

Aslan's programs include one-on-one mentoring and tutoring, character development classes anchored in Christian values and principles, recreational activities, summer camps, cultural enrichment opportunities, intervention services, and scholarship assistance for higher learning.

Aslan is a non-denominational Christian organization that takes its faith and mission seriously. We are not Christian in words only, but in deeds as well. Although not everyone who volunteers with Aslan is required to share our deep Christian convictions and beliefs, we do require that our volunteers respect them and understand that they are the foundation upon which each of our programs and activities are built.

While Aslan's work with over 200 New Jersey youth continues to thrive, its work in Haiti is growing exponentially. Over the next few years, Aslan will establish a medical clinic and hospital, a missionary training school, an orphanage, and a village school on its 6 acres in L'Acajou. Volunteers are needed both locally and in Haiti as well.

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