Chicago Classical Academy

  • Illinois


190 South LaSalle Street
United States

About Us

ChiClassical is a prospective K-12* classical charter school located in the South Loop area. We believe that all students benefit from a rich, content-focused curriculum, and, with open enrollment, we hope to offer the benefits of a classical education to everyone in the city.


The classical approach is unique in its critical focus on both teaching method and content. The curriculum is designed to encompass all of the time a student spends with us - teachers collaborate across grade levels and disciplines to ensure that content taught in different subjects reinforces the main themes, is continuous across grade levels, and repeating material is introduced in increasing depth. We also seek to present and teach only the very best our civilization has to offer - whether introducing classical music or great works of literature and art. Our goal is to build the foundation and knowledge a person needs to be capable of further evaluating and actively engaging in today’s world.


ChiClassical is not defined solely by its academic rigor, but also by its commitment to the overall health and wellness of every child – this includes the food we serve, the type of extracurricular activities we offer or the extended recess that allows children to grow and develop in non-academic ways. The arts, fitness, core-contents, behavior expectations, teaching techniques, and electives are thoughtfully included to mentally, emotionally and physically nurture a well-rounded, healthy person.