Technology and Education Connecting Cultures

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About Us

TECC is a non-profit organization that leads teams of Chinese and American entrepreneurs in developing and implementing social ventures focused on technology and education. TECC believes that a great deal of positive social impact can arise from leveraging a socially conscious and motivated network, along with the enabling capability of technology and education.

TECC's overall impact occurs at two levels. First, TECC helps to bridge the gap between the technologically rich and poor. Second, TECC fosters greater understanding between Chinese and Americans through collaborative work on projects that have a unified mission and goal. Technology has been a driving force in bringing information and opportunity to communities that might otherwise have been disconnected from the global community. The Internet and information technology has uniquely changed the way individuals view the world. TECC utilizes these tools in innovative and creative ways to bring these opportunities to communities in disadvantages areas. China and the US are and will be major international members in the global community for years to come. TECC believes that it is important to bring together individuals from both cultures in order to foster lasting relationships that in the long run benefit both nations.

Through these objectives, TECC hopes to harness the support and enthusiasm of these socially minded future leaders and have significant local impact within a global context.