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About Us

Ability Dream, operating as not-for-profit Ability Dollar stores, is a scalable solution targeting the social issue of chronic unemployment and underemployment of developmentally disabled persons. This social enterprise venture, beginning with a single, 5,000 square foot store, will offer a unique customer experience and an array of discounted merchandise with a “wow” factor in the dollar-plus category.  Employing well-trained, developmentally disabled staff supported by job coaches and experienced management, Ability Dollar will model a new paradigm of self-sustaining, revenue-oriented social services, in contrast to current training models that are expense-driven.  Our goal is to achieve break-even for our first store within three years and thereafter to apply positive net income, together with co-funding from traditional philanthropic sources, to expand operations to up to ten stores in the NY metro region.  Ability Dream and its Ability Dollar stores will be one of the first “franchisable” job-training and employment opportunity social enterprises in support of developmentally disabled people.