Public Defender Association (Seattle/King County)

  • Washington


110 Prefontaine Place South
Suite 502
United States

About Us

The Public Defender Association (PDA) advances social and racial equity and community health through reform of the criminal justice system. Grounding reform in a public health and safety framework, PDA develops new strategies and implements models that improve on conventional responses to crime and public order issues. In collaboration with community and government partners, we use policy advocacy, organizing, litigation, and public education to achieve our goals.

PDA's major project areas include:

  • managing the flagship Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program in Seattle/King County;
  • providing technical support for other jurisdictions nationally working to implement police diversion aligned with LEAD core principles;
  • police and policing reform;
  • advancing a safe consumption approach to drug use;
  • developing leadership of those most directly exposed to law enforcement and the justice system through VOCAL-WA;
  • litigation and policy advocacy in support of justice system reform;
  • litigation and policy advocacy to support community partners with these areas of focus, including defending the rights of those engaged in demonstrations and other peaceful direct action;
  • cutting edge re-entry policy advocacy; and
  • developing viable survivor-centered restorative/transformative alternatives to the traditional justice system for serious interpersonal violence and harm.